Seven years ago, Bryan Batson was all over the local music scene playing saxophone with Confusatron and Josh Weathers & The True Endeavors while working full-time at Fort Worth Weekly. Then he became a full-time family man and business owner. He founded Worth It Window Washing and spends his days cleaning windows, something that provides him with peace in addition to pay. He lives out west of town near me and grows his own food and is quite the nature boy. Bryan is a blast to hang out with, funny as hell and with a mind that continually darts off in interesting directions. Bryan was at the Weekly office cleaning windows not long ago, and I asked him if he’d heard Van Morrison’s “Cleaning Windows.” He hadn’t. I texted him a link to the song, asked him to learn it on sax, come play it on Toast & Jam, and let the world know that he is alive and well. Thanks, Bryan. It made for a great episode! Call Bryan at 817-902-3303 if you need any windows cleaned. He’s a hard worker and good guy with a young boy to feed and clothe! And watch for a new musical project he’s working on with his former Humans 3 band mates.Jeff Prince