Look, they’re all flawed. Warren essentially wants to steal from the ultra-rich, Harris’ criminal justice record is sketchy at best, and Uncle Joe? Well, he’s Uncle Joe, isn’t he? Just like any other septuagenarian uncle except with some progressive/non- septuagenarian ideas and just the right skin texture and gender to win over those pesky independents.

Some adorable Democratic leaders here actually believe Texas will be in play during the 2020 presidential election. It won’t. Texas is mostly rural and, as a mostly rural state, is dependably red. Texas is not in play, but that hasn’t stopped a progressive statewide nonprofit media group from trying to drum up interest in the second Democratic presidential debates, spread out over two days – the latter taking place Wednesday. As if the right kinds of voters actually care what Warren or Harris or Uncle Joe has to say. Update: They don’t.

Ed Espinoza

“Texas is the largest battleground state for 2020, and we expect [the Democratic] presidential candidates to speak on issues that impact Texans’ daily lives, such as healthcare, voting rights, immigration, and abortion access,” said Ed Espinoza, executive director of the nonprofit Progress Texas, in a statement. “Candidates have the opportunity to stand out … and Texans will be watching and contributing.”


Progress Texas wants viewers to offer a “Texas Take” by shouting into the infinite blackness of Twitter using the hashtag #DemDebateTX. 

Progress Texas is basing its opinion that the average Texan cares about the debates on some admittedly startling new information. Compared to four years ago, Texans have tripled their donations to Democratic presidential candidates, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle, and the number of donors has grown almost 600 percent.

Those are some pretty big increases, owing no doubt to the local/statewide/national/international distaste for the Trump administration. It’s still a stretch to extrapolate that more donors translates into more blue voters overall. Our guess is that some reliably Democratic ballot casters want Trump out of office so bad they’re finally willing to part with some of their foldin’ money when they may never have before. We would be happy to be wrong, though.


  1. As a middle road republican who could be convinced to vote democrat against Trump, I have just got to say the democratic slate scares me. Dulaney and Hickenlooper may be okay, but they don’t have a chance to win the primary. I like Bernie as a crazy uncle, but his policies are nutty. Warren scares me because she really believes what she says: court packing, taking over large parts of the economy, putting workers’ committees on corporate boards, class warfare-she could do a lot of damage (and leave nothing to show for it). Booker is weak and silly. Harris is smart, but doesn’t believe in anything. Biden may be the best of bad options. I think the dems are going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  2. as one of the deplorable TRUMP supporters, i watch the dems with glee. my dad (now long gone) was a lifelong democrat, a conservative, pro america, pro hard work no nonsense man. he would not recognize the current bunch of clowns

  3. Biden is a total crook. A recent Politico article outlines the dubious financial dealings of Biden, his kid Hunter and his brother James. Biden Inc–quite the little crime family/

  4. I have to admit I have not decided who I will vote for but you can bet it will be anyone but trump. I find him an embarrassment. Yes I know many of you will disagree and want me hung but that is what makes us America, we can peacefully protest!