I’ve seen Dru B Shinin’ rap at various shows over the years and have been blown away by his timing, flow, and creativity every time. He was born in South Korea but adopted as a baby by white parents from Kansas, where he grew up. Later, he moved to Fort Worth, attended TCU, became enmeshed in the local hip-hop scene, and ended up staying in the Fort for keeps. I ran into Dru at Republic Street Bar recently and invited him to be my guest on Toast & Jam. He agreed despite not knowing me and having never seen the show. Even better, he didn’t run away screaming when I told him I wanted us to rap together even though I have no ability or experience. Dru invited me to a rehearsal with rapper Wrex and DJ Moody at the home of drummer Caroline Collier and said we would make something happen, and we did! Thanks for being adventurous with me, Dru, and making this week’s show a keeper. — Jeff Prince