Prof.Fuzz 63 (courtesy Facebook)

1) Need a reason to check out the Haltom Theater (5601 Belknap)? Garage rockers Prof.Fuzz 63 headline a bill there that also includes emo folk Better Now and the sad-girl, synth-forward pop act Big Heaven. Doors are at 7, music starts at 9, the show is all-ages, and cover is $10. Here are garage rockers Prof Fuzz 63 performing in a garage, during one of those Single Car video sessions:

2) Also on Saturday: jazzy doom duo Stone Machine Electric anchor a heavy bill at Sunshine Bar (902 W Division) in Arlington, with Dali’s Llama (all the way from Palm Springs and the early ’90s!) and Dentonian sludge band Mouth of Cronus scorching ears in the opening slots. Doors are at 8, cover is $5, and the show is 21+. Here’s Dali’s Llama playing somewhere in the Low Desert:


3) On Saturday night, if you’re not going to see Stereolab at the Granada Theater, why not pop into Lola’s (2736 6th St) to catch Siberian Traps, All Clean, and Vogue Machine? That lineup makes for a kind of a weird bill of somewhat incongruent sounds – for one thing, Siberian Traps and All Clean are completely different vibes and volume levels – but those sort of shows are fun to be at because they really highlight how “playlisty” we’ve all become in the 21st Century. For example, I once made a Spotify playlist that had Feist following Fear! I know, that’s pretty mind-blowing and all, but you can be crazy with your own Spotify account, too! What artists will sit next to each other on your “wacky” playlist? Doors to this Lola’s show are at 8pm, attendance is open to people who are at least 18 years old, and cover charge is $10. Here’s Siberian Traps playing the aforementioned Single Car video series:

4) Another thing you can do on Saturday if you are not able to watch or are uninterested in the Stereolab concert is going to MASS (1002 S Main) to see Australian art rock band Methyl Ethel. To my ears, they sound like Dawes for early 20-somethings who are really into the Cure, but that really just means they have good pop hooks, sung over clean guitar jangle and dreamy synths interludes. Montreal-based indie pop artist Ada Lea plays in the middle spot, with local bois Sub-Sahara (who are early 20-somethings who are really into the Cure, so I presume they will enjoy Methyl Ethel a lot) opening the show. Tickets are available here or at the door, and they are $14. Methyl Ethel has a new album out, I guess, but this video was the first one that came up:

5) Cold Beer Co. in Dallas (3600 Main) is having their fifth anniversary party on Saturday, and I can assure that you will be able to hear this thing all the way on the other side of the Double Wide, as it is headlined by Duell and their full-stack mountain range, with heavily distorted punk trio Whep playing before them and Capt. Tornado, who pull riff inspiration from the Skynyrd-y, “Honky Tonk Woman” section of the classic rock canon. Show is free, 21+, and starts at 9pm. I was going to put up a Duell video from a few years ago, but I think those dudes would appreciate this video of a saxophone battle in a subway car: