The Weekly is proud to be a local community- and client-based business, making the needs of our readers, fans, followers, employees, and clients our highest priority. Your satisfaction, health, and safety are our top concern.

To work through these uncertain times, we want our community to know that the Weekly is committed to local businesses by alerting our readers to ways they can continue to enjoy the local experience in safe healthy ways.

After speaking with several local business owners, we encourage the community to proceed with caution yet continue to support local restaurants, retailers, and service providers. These establishments pride themselves on providing healthy, clean environments and are going above and beyond to ensure they remain healthy and clean during these difficult times. Feel free to ask these businesses about their sanitation policies. They will be happy to share that information with you.


Most local businesses are offering special arrangements to accommodate any concerns. To prevent the spread of the virus, try to be as far as six feet away from other people. For people who want to limit public exposure but still want to enjoy the local food, beverage, and shopping scenes, businesses are offering price specials and curbside pickup for all phone or take-out orders. Please call for special arrangements.

Buying gift cards is another way to enjoy the best our community has to offer while supporting local businesses.

We encourage everyone to take proper precautions as recommended by city officials and the CDC. We must also stick together and continue to care for and support our neighbors, family and friends, those at risk, and especially our local businesses and their staff, who provide our community with the unique personality that defines us.  

We’ll get through this. Let’s support one another.