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It’s taken a while, but the notorious West 7th district finally has a club anthem.

The brainchild of Fort Worth rapper Royal South, “Party on 7th” is being spun at just about all of the neighborhood hotspots. Texas Republic, Varsity Tavern, Kung Fu Saloon, Your Mom’s House, you know, the uzhe for henpecked married fortysomething dads like me. (I don’t always drink by myself in Fort Worth, but when I do, I go to Lola’s Trailer Park. #freeadvertising)

“Do you want to roll with a made n—a?” Royal South raps over a syrupy uptempo beat. “Eyes on the prize, on them eight figures / South Side, the realest, we some grave diggas / Big-body Jeep, swangin’ lanes with it / Getting to the money like a Blood going / On that 7th Street, then we going downtown / Now take a shot and make a TikTok / 817 diamonds on my wristwatch.”


A Trimble Tech grad, Royal South has been rapping for, well, a little while. His first club track, “This Is Why I’m Throwed,” generated a million downloads on Limewire. (Remember that?) You may know him best from his I  Fort Worth T-shirts. He and Menace Nava sold more than 20,000 of them after creating them in 2012.

“The whole concept of [Fort Worth] having our own 6th Street [like in Austin] inspired me,” he told me.

You could say Royal South thinks West 7th doesn’t deserve its piss-poor reputation as a haven for young over-imbibers who don’t tip for shit and clog toilets like it’s their job.

“I know most of the DJs, promoters, bartenders, and club owners, and they are very humble and awesome people,” he said. “Yes, it’s rowdy, and I know the owners try to keep it in control, but where there is alcohol, there are always going to be issues. I know if it was up to them, everything would run smoothly.”

Royal South said he would love to see West 7th “bring more local music to its venues. Fort Worth is growing so fast. We have a lot of talent here in the city of all genres.”

The chorus is not necessarily a singalong but is catchy. “It’s just another night / Here we go again / On the way to 7th / Just feels so right … You should know the plan ’cause we all getting fucked up tonight.”

Visit to party along with the jam that’s available on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and all other streaming platforms. — Anthony Mariani


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