That the Dan is coming to the Fort is not a coincidence ... or is it? Photo courtesy Wikipedia.

So I put on Pandora, per the uzhe when I’m hacking it up, I mean “writing,” and for some reason — haven’t listened to this station in years, my decision to avoid joy made by self-pity — I chose Steely Dan Radio. The first song was “FM,” immediately inspiring me to text my three best buds back home.

“ ‘Bury the bottle, Mama / It’s grapefruit wine.’ In the running for greatest opening lyrics of all time.”

And it’s true. Name a better opening lyric. Honestly, I’m curious. I’ll wait.


Below the song info on the Pandora page was a date, time, and location: “Jun 16, Fort Worth, TX, Dickies Arena.”

I texted another one of my best buds with a screenshot of the Pandora page.

“Are we … are we going on a date in June???”

“Yes!,” Uncle Rilseby wrote back quickly. “Don’t we have tickets to this show that carry over from last year?”

Before the pandemic stopped everything, the Dan was scheduled to play Dickies along with opener Steve Winwood (Steve Winwood!) in 2020.

“Not sure,” I replied before I had figured it out.

Wrap your head around this: One of the greatest classic rock bands of all time and Steve Winwood were choosing to play Fort Worth instead of Dallas, and it was supposed to happen last year. At this point, I’m obliged to mention a weak, so insanely weak connection that there’s no doubt that even referring to it knocks my “music” cred down a few notches, but Dan frontman Donald Fagen produced a record a couple years ago by a Fort Worth singer-songwriter, Peter More. I mean, why I even said that embarrasses me, but — but — there is, apparently, a connection, however tenuous, however fleeting. A connection still exists. The record was Fagen’s first production effort on a collection of tracks not written by him or fellow Dan man Walter Becker (R.I.P.). The record is called Beautiful Disrepair, and it’s oh so tasty. A lot like grapefruit wine.

I’m sure Peter More will be in the house on Jun 16. In Dickies’ green room. (Call me, Pete!) For me and Uncle Rilesby, we will be in Section 15, Row 11, Seats 3 and 4. In Fort em-effin Worth. — AM


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  1. Right – the concert has been rescheduled AGAIN. This time for 6/6/22, that’s right over a year from now!
    You can forget getting a refund if you bought your tickets from Vivid Seats. But for a price they will try and sell them for you. I’m not giving Vivid Tickets any more of my money!