Courtesy of Darien George’s campaign website

On Darien George’s campaign page, the candidate for Fort Worth City Council portrays himself as someone who puts family values first. Pictured with his wife and three children, George, a local business owner, states that he supports a strong tax base, small business, safe neighborhoods, and early education. He is running to represent District 9, which includes downtown, the Near Southside, and parts of south Fort Worth. 

Over the past several days, the Weekly has been contacted by numerous locals who have shared stories of alleged bullying and inappropriate sexual advances by George. Certified court documents obtained from Tarrant County describe George’s one and only 2000 arrest in Mansfield for the offense of unlawful carrying of a weapon, a Class A misdemeanor to which George pled guilty, according to court documents. He subsequently completed a deferred adjudication program, and the case was dismissed in mid-2002. 

One Tarrant County document described the offense, which was alternatively listed as “deadly conduct.”

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The defendant, George, did “recklessly engage in conduct that placed [victim] in imminent danger of serious bodily injury by pointing a firearm at or in the direction of” the victim, the document reads. 

In an email, George said that he made a foolish mistake when he was young.

“The charges were true, and I admitted it then and took responsibility,” he said. “The court looked at the whole picture and was willing to have the case dismissed after a year assuming all else was good, which it was. Since then, I have had nothing more than an occasional speeding ticket. I used the incident to learn from and grow. [I went] on to give back to society in a meaningful and healthy way.”

One woman we spoke to who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation said her personal interactions with George over the course of multiple years have led her to describe him as someone who would be a liability to the City of Fort Worth were he to be elected to city council.

“He made a strong sexual advance on me,” she said, adding that she believed George was married at the time. It was “way inappropriate. It made me uncomfortable. He accepted my rejection. It made me realize that this is someone who, if I didn’t stay on his good side, would make me a target for his bullying.” 

In his workplace dealings, the confidential source continued, George would allegedly single out people who annoyed him. If they were women, he would be dismissive at best, she claims. 

George allegedly often mentioned his desire for political office, she added. The anonymous source believes the candidate is a danger to the women he interacts with. 

“I can see some women feeling unempowered [by his advances] because he is so nonchalant about” his behavior, she said. “He is mimicking the behavior that he has seen in other high-power [male] leaders in this city.” 

This article has been updated to include a response from George. The Star-Telegram reported on Tuesday that George has dropped out of the District 9 race.  


  1. So the anonymous woman knew him for years but wasn’t sure if he was married? And “numerous” people have suddenly come forth in the past couple days, but only one is quoted, and none have a name? And it looks like the “aggravated assault” boils down to unlawful possession of a weapon 20 years ago. About the only thing NOT confusing about this article is that he DID accept the woman’s rejection.

    Editor’s note: The anonymous woman said she was sure he was married. The Weekly has spoken to multiple women who have voiced similar concerns. It is common practice to not name someone if they fear their safety is in danger.

  2. This article is a great example of “smear” journalism. It angers me that vague accusations can be directed toward an individual with no accountability. Fairness is never an objective measure in todays news media. For the remaining 6 or 7 candidates running in the district, look back 20 years and write about each one of them; and then write what each candidate has done the last 5. Oh – and be sure you only report the negative!!

  3. I stand by my comment but you have my permission to remove the part about the weekly being given away free because no one will pay for it. Everyone knows that already.

    • Hello Janice. The Fort Worth Weekly has been free for 25 years. Like other alt-weeklies, our paper is funded through ads, and we have always been free for that reason.

  4. Can confirm from firsthand experience that he is a creep. He is a jerk. He is a little man driven by ego and a desire to hold power over others. He has no business masquerading as a Public Servant here or anywhere else.

  5. So, while other candidates were cheating on their husbands and breaking up families the Fort Worth Weekly decides a mistake a 20-year-old made and some anonymous claims is a bigger story. Just go ahead and tell us who you’re endorsing. I’m sure we would all be surprised.

  6. Lol so the guy is part of the Optimist Club, Read Fort Worth, has a wife he’s been with for more than a decade, three kids, including a bi-racial daughter. He’s been involved in the Fort Worth community all his life. The minute he decides to run for anything the Weekly decides to dig up an old unlawful possession case when he was like 20 that was dismissed and anonymous claims that everyone knows are false. Now, this is journalism of the highest order. Well done, Fort Worth Weekly.

  7. Darien George is a judgmental bully who will not think twice about eliminating anyone who doesn’t agree with him. He is arrogant, opinionated, narcissistic and just plain mean at times. I think if he had ANY power, it would be a detriment to the city.

  8. Darien made my life a living hell. He was beyond rude to me and bullied me constantly. He is extremely disrespectful and creepy. Not shocked other people feel the same way. Maybe he should’ve thought about his actions and how he treats people before running, I knew it wouldn’t be a good outcome for him. I can name many inappropriate things he has done since I have known him.