You might be from Orange County but you’ll always be a peach to us, Gwen Stefani! Photo by Vishal Malhotra

Here in the Kingdom of Weeklandia, we are celebrating our 25th annual Best Of issue with a nod to the late ’90s. What better way than to re-imagine No Doubt’s seminal album Tragic Kingdom in the style of our people?


Rather than oranges — rotting or otherwise — around these parts, we prefer Parker County peaches. Our awesomeness doesn’t draw flies. It draws honey-lovin’ bees. While the tree in the background is reminiscent of a certain infamous mimosa tree that went missing from the local scene this year, that fact is purely coincidental. (Or is it? Well, that’s a story for another time and place.) For the main attraction, we invited local up-and-coming alt-rock band Celestial L’Amour to play the part of No Doubt.



Just like the Weekly, Gwen Stefani is still relevant all these years later. She has gone beyond her ska-band beginnings, succeeded as a solo artist, dominated reality TV, and found the love of her life. We have no doubt (see what we did there?) that many of our readers spotted Stefani and her country beau Blake Shelton around North Texas this summer en route to their wedding at his ranch. Keep an eye on Gwen Stefani — and Celestial L’Amour — because as they say, #TheFutureIsFemale.


Now, about the band.


As our own Juan Govea wrote in July upon the release of the single “Le Sable,” there are lots of new tracks from the Fort Worth songwriting duo of married couple Celestial L’Amour and Luis Lopez. The band’s latest releases are on Spotify and at In fact, the newest single, “Knocking on the Door,” was just released today.


Specializing in songs of hardship and grace, Celestial L’Amour never loses sight of hope. While not technically categorized as “Christian,” lyrically the idea of a higher power is at play in the band’s songs. (Hopefulness is a mid-/post-pandemic necessity for all of us, don’t you think?)


L’Amour, Lopez, and company have been releasing singles at a rapid pace since the start of the pandemic and intend to return to the studio soon and played a final gig at MASS (1002 S Main St, 682-707-7774) before going on hiatus. To see some of the video footage, go to L’Amour. If you did not attend, you’ll just have to wait until November. That’s when the band intends to play its next show.

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