No. Underground Cigars owner Don Wiggins did NOT buy the Weekly. He did, however, buy a new building right across the way from his old shop. Stop by the new location (6409 E Lancaster Av, 817-507-3640). “Let us pair you with a great cigar, and come enjoy your new home away from home.”

The old adage goes, “It takes one to know one.” When you step into the Underground, you will absolutely know you are in the company of cigar lovers. From the aesthetic to the men and women who grace our door each day, to some of the rarest and most special boutique selections to be found, every aspect of the Underground is designed with one thing in mind-pairing the right cigar with the right cigar experience. You can browse our humidor’s current inventory at

While they continue the philosophy of keeping things simple and unpretentious, from the lounge that is always being reimagined to best suit your fine cigar needs, to its admittedly-NSFW décor, UG knows that it isn’t just about the space. “It’s about who you share that space with.”


Any cigar lover knows how difficult it is to enjoy their cigar in public or link with like-minded aficionados. UG takes great satisfaction in attracting and cultivating one of the best crowds of regulars and patrons from all walks, trades, backgrounds, and creeds.
“We believe in family, first, and at the Underground, you’re family. Whether you spend all day here or just stop in for a quick smoke, you’re always welcome and you’re always home.”