Saturday is the best day for produce at Town Talk Foods. Courtesy Instagram

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Since 1954, Town Talk has focused on providing a place for the community to purchase groceries at extreme discount prices by buying and selling items from closeouts, insurance claims, and overruns. The deeply discounted prices not only appeal to people with limited budgets but also anyone that enjoys the hunt for bargains or trying new gourmet items on the cheap.


Groceries can get expensive. The goal at Town Talk is for all people to be able to afford healthy food to feed their families. “Eating fast food is cheap and easy. While the occasional fast food fix is fine, we don’t want people to eat all their meals in the ‘Fast Food Way.’ Be a hero  to yourself and your family by providing real food while saving money and having a great time!”

Necessities like bottled water can be found at a discount at Town Talk.
Courtesy Instagram

While taking advantage of overstock items still in date is one thing, Town Talk also sells expired food. While this may seem odd, it turns out that with the exception of poultry and dairy products, many groceries are still consumable long after the listed expiration or “sell-by” date.

According to, a study from Harvard and the Natural Resources Defense Council finds that those “sell-by” dates are “confusing” and “misleading” and that food may still be good for weeks, months, even years past the date. This is especially true of canned goods.

If you’re interested in produce, Saturday is the best day to go to Town Talk. The stores; warehouse areas are opened to the public. Work areas are set up with pallets and baskets of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other special buys. To find out what will be available, check the business’s Facebook page on Friday afternoon. (Each location has its own social page.)

While Saturday is the day Town Talk, specifically stocks produce to sell, some suppliers may ship during the week. They always sell it when they get it, but there is no guaranteed stock.  ”Our purchasing team actually goes out on Friday to find and buy produce from local suppliers and ensure we have the best selection possible on Saturday. Typically if we don’t have an item on Saturday, it’s because it wasn’t fresh or we couldn’t give you a deal you would expect from us.”

Beer. Yes, sometimes you can even find deals on beer at Town Talk.
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For those beer drinkers who love to try different varieties, Town Talk can sometimes be your beer store. We recently stocked the Weekly office frig with Rahr & Sons Hazy Hefe and Oktoberfest at the low, low price of $3.99 per six-pack. Available brands vary from day-to-day, but it’s definitely worth a look.

Stocking a business — or a bar bar? Check out the dry goods section. Along with coffee creamer, stirrers, and other office break room items, they also have a great selection of paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. We’ve also spotted Best Maid pickle juice by the gallon. (If you haven’t had a Jameson with a “pickleback,” you’re missing out!)

If you decide to give them a try and are dissatisfied with any item, no problem. Bring it back within 7 days with your receipt and they will issue a refund to your original pay type or store credit if you prefer.

Along with the ever-popular Fort Worth location (121 N Beach St, 817-831-6136), Town Talk has also opened stores in Arlington (2320 S Collins St, 817-435-2300) and Weatherford (106 College Park Dr, 817-438-8099).