“I’ve heard the truth, Mulder. Now, what I want are the answers.” — Dana Scully, The X-Files


Fifteen minutes and a call to a shadowy offshore agency are all it would take for him to know everything about me, the retired U.S. Army Master Sgt. on the other end of the phone line told me. I supposedly have a dossier tucked away there that’s filled with information about my beliefs, education, and even things I’ve written. Jess Johnson, the military veteran, was not making a threat so much as putting a shot in the air warning about the potential consequences of asking questions about directed energy weapons, organized stalking programs, mind-reading technology, and other ingredients of the strange and disturbing world of people who call themselves targeted individuals.

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“I make a phone call with your name and Fort Worth,” he said of the agency supposedly located in the Caribbean, “then they’re going to come back to me and say this is who she is and this is what she does. I can get it now. I can do that and know all about you — things you don’t want me to know about — in 15 minutes.”

Johnson was explaining how easy it is for people to stalk or harass others by finding out where they live, digging up dirt on them, and using the information to discredit someone. If that doesn’t work, they can make something up and whisper it in the ears of people who are close to whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish in life.


In case you’ve never heard the term, targeted individuals are people who believe they’re victims of severe, often covert harassment. Foreign and domestic government entities, law enforcement agencies, and citizen crime watch networks are all believed to be involved, depending on which victims you ask.

Aside from stalking and harassment, some people in the targeted individual community complain of disturbing physical symptoms. They believe the cause is technology that can project voices into their head or microwave weapons that can cause symptoms ranging from mysterious to disabling.

Our conversation about targeted individuals was not the first time Johnson and I have discussed a disturbing topic. I talked to him 10 years earlier about something else that was just as strange. He wanted to know why I was reaching out again, especially now. So, I told him. He’s local and has firsthand knowledge of directed energy weapons used for “voice to skull,” or V2K, communication and other methods of warfare.

Johnson, who lives in Dallas, served for 25 years with the U.S. Army special forces at Fort Bragg. While in the Army, he was also a military operations, weapons, and intelligence specialist in the Middle East, Far East, Northeast Africa, and Russia. He is currently a principal with Global Venture Partners and serves as a consultant on military, geopolitical, cultural, and economic matters.

On the topic of directed energy weapons, I asked him to confirm if the technology exists.

“It is real,” he said. “If you look at the military and state department personnel who were damaged in Cuba, what do you think they were using?”

About 200 U.S. diplomats, intelligence officers, military officers, and other government personnel have experienced symptoms related to what is called the Havana Syndrome, which began in Cuba in 2016 and has cropped up in other areas of the world. The victims have complained of a host of neurological symptoms such as dizziness and an inability to concentrate.

Some believe it’s hysteria, while others say it’s evidence of electronic attacks, according to the Wall Street Journal.

As science fiction as all of this might sound, this type of technology is hardly new.

“When we went into Iran the first time, against Saddam Hussein, there was a voice that went into the jaw of Iraqi soldiers, who said his name is Muhammad,” Johnson said. “The voice said, ‘You’re outnumbered, outgunned, and you will die in this bunker unless you give yourself up and go home to your family.’ ”

The Iraqi soldiers believed they had heard a divine command and “came out of their bunkers, and they were kissing the boots of American soldiers,” Johnson said.

A YouTube video shows the soldiers as they surrendered.

“Wasn’t that you in one of those videos?” I asked.

“Ah, no,” Johnson said.

“It wasn’t? Oh, OK. My bad.”

“No, it’s not your bad,” Johnson said. “All I’m going to say is I saw this technology under development at a facility at Penn State, the advanced research laboratory there, and it was being used well before that war.”

Some of the most advanced directed energy weapons — like those aimed at diplomats and U.S. intelligence employees — have the ability to cause severe disabilities, Johnson said.

“It could permanently destroy your ability to focus,” he said. “You can’t focus any longer. Maybe permanent vertigo. Just giving you a couple of things it can do. This is a permanent disability.”

Military personnel and governments are privy to the higher-end weapons, but lighter versions can be purchased from China by someone who knows the right people and has anywhere from $600 to $2,800, he said.

At least one U.S. company,, sells electronic and microwave devices under the premise of equipment for research or science projects. In the hands of the wrong person, though, some of the items could just as easily be used to inflict serious damage.

A magnetic pulse device on the website is billed as a product to get rid of “bothersome animals and insects.”  The product description also states that “increased energy fields have long been used to confuse humans.”

Some of Amazing1’s products require the buyer to sign a dangerous-equipment affidavit. One of the items is a burning-laser, continuous beam ray gun that is billed as being able to “start fires over a considerable distance,” according to its description. Another product the website sells is instructions for using a microwave oven to construct “a powerful source of directional microwaves.”

Before our conversation was over, Johnson had me wondering if men wearing black suits, black sunglasses, and earpieces were going to show up at my door. It’s easy to find out where someone lives, then drive over and say, “Why are you asking me these questions? Why are you writing these stories?” Johnson said.

“I’m just a writer,” I told him. “This is an interesting topic.”

“I already know what you’re about,” Johnson said. “All I’m saying is you’re out there and you’re trying to be honest, but most people don’t believe that’s the way, Teri. They do not believe that. … Be careful in inviting this on yourself.”

Careful? The train left that station a very long time ago, and there are no return tickets, I thought, but I didn’t say it.




Someone who is careful would not approach the topic of targeted individuals once, let alone twice. When the Weekly published the first story about targeted individuals in 2021, we heard from people across the country and around the globe who claimed they have had similar experiences. Sometimes, their claims are dismissed as embellishments or a sign of mental illness.

Yet arrests this past week by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) show that organized stalking is very possible. Federal law enforcement agencies arrested five people affiliated with a secret police agency for the People’s Republic of China. The agents, acting on behalf of the authoritarian regime, reportedly stalked, harassed, and spied on Chinese nationals in the United States who were viewed as dissidents.

Agents of the Ministry of State Security (MSS) for China were asked to create harassment campaigns that involved smear tactics and spying. In one of the cases, there was talk of physically harming a Democratic congressional candidate from New York so he could not run for nor get elected to office.

GPS devices and spy cameras were among the devices the Chinese agents used to keep close tabs on their targets. More clandestine agents are believed to be running interference and harassment campaigns in the United States, according to the FBI.

In a video about the arrests, the FBI asked private investigators and law enforcement agencies to contact the FBI if they are asked by a foreign entity to investigate U.S. citizens.

At least one targeted-individual advocate saw the announcement as a possible breakthrough.

“The arrests are simply the beginning of something much larger on the horizon,” said Richard Moore of Tupelo, Mississippi, a targeted-individuals advocate and victim I spoke with for the first story on this topic. “The federal government has now established that this kind of behavior is wrong,” Moore said of the arrests. “They can’t say it’s wrong for the Chinese government to do this, but it’s not wrong for someone else.”

Moore, who spent 10 years in prison, maintains he was set up and wrongly convicted. Since his release from prison in 2013, the harassment has been nonstop, he said. Moore said he has been the victim of community policing, stalking, street theater, and electronic harassment.

People in law enforcement, attorneys, and those in the medical professions who have aligned themselves with organized stalking should consider themselves put on notice, Moore said.

Much of the problem lies with modern-day community policing, according to Moore. Although the concept of monitoring a “suspicious” neighbor or someone lurking in the bushes sounds good on paper, it has lent itself to mini fiefdoms that inflict serial abuse, he said.

The programs flourish because nationwide, millions of dollars in federal funding flows into them, Moore said. In other words, there are incentives to keep them going.


That makes it easy for “local elites” to leverage vendettas against people they perceive as enemies or undesirables in the community, Moore said. Added to that are state threat fusion centers that, according to their websites, are owned by state employees and private entities and therefore have little oversight.

Claims of organized stalking are sometimes dismissed by others as being part of a mental illness or paranoia. For too long, targeted individuals’ complaints have been dismissed and the victims marginalized and written off as nut jobs, Moore said.

During my conversation with Johnson, the retired U.S. Army Master Sgt., I said that even I have noticed what seems to be more people taking liberties to film others in public or simply lurk around in stores and other places where they hang back and watch everyone.

“Do you know what I’m talking about?” I asked him.

“I do,” Johnson said.

The people involved may be those hired by private entities, corporations, or rogue government groups to go out and harass others, he said.

From a geopolitical and historical perspective, the concept is conceivable, Johnson said. He pointed to the Stasi in Nazi Germany, which was able to enlist an estimated 30% of the population to spy on their neighbors, friends, colleagues, and even family members and get them sent off to prison camps. As many as 2 million people acted as informants for the oppressive regime.

“Are there people in the U.S. who would be willing to do this?” I asked Johnson.

“Probably more people than you know,” he said.




One of the people the Weekly heard from after our first story was Jill Hampton of Fort Worth. Hampton told me has endured harassment from voice-to-skull technology, directed energy weapons, and some organized physical stalking since June 2018.

Through dozens of videos and journal entries she shared with me, Hampton chronicled what she described as relentless attacks against her in Riverbank, California, a town of about 23,000 people near Modesto. Hampton and her husband moved from California to Fort Worth in August 2020 — partly to get away from the harassment — but it followed them to Texas, she said.

In California, Hampton lived next to a couple who were quiet and unassuming until their grown son moved back in with them, she told me.

“Then all hell broke loose,” Hampton said.

The son, the alleged ringleader of the group, according to Hampton, previously owned a business that is now defunct — I verified his identity and additional information through social media accounts and other venues. Since he has not been charged with a crime, the Weekly is unable to use his real name. I’ll call him “John.”

No direct confrontation ever occurred prior to the harassment so there is no obvious reason why John, his family members, and their friends would launch a relentless attack against Hampton, who believes it’s because the family is beta-testing technology that can be used to harass and maim people.

Over the past few years, she has documented her ordeal through dozens of videos and journal entries. In June 2018, Hampton began hearing voices, she said. Over time, the voices began calling each other by name, and she identified them as her neighbors.

“I realized they could see what I was seeing,” Hampton alleges. “I went to my mother’s house, and they were describing my mother’s yard. I could hear them.”

The voices have kept similar narratives going on since then, said Hampton, who also reported feeling hits from energy shocks and other physical symptoms. The voices repeatedly say things like “Does she know?” or “Can she hear you?” Other times, they have asked each other if she is convulsing, shaking, or having a seizure.

In one of her journal entries, Hampton wrote that she heard John allegedly telling his dad, “She’s convulsing.” The electromagnetic pulses she continues to feel have caused her to have seizures, a problem she never had prior to the group’s alleged attacks, Hampton said.

Over the course of the harassment, Hampton has experienced being awakened by an “extremely loud, high pitch sound” at night or “a whoosh of air” followed by head pain that has jolted her awake from a deep sleep. Other times she has felt dizzy and off-balance, she said.  Through videos and journal entries, Hampton has documented what she says are electronic devices that are being used against her. One of her videos shows what appears to be a row of blinking computer servers or routers lined up outside, along the back side of John’s house.

A photograph shows a computer server sitting inside a window that has a large circle mark that Hampton believes was caused by a directed energy source. In December 2018, Hampton wrote that she notified police after noticing similar circular marks on her windows. The neighbor allegedly “targeted my windows with a device about 30 times,” she wrote in her journal.

On other occasions, the neighbors allegedly aimed a device that shot blue or red laser lights into her eyes while she was outside and pointed bright spotlights into her windows, Hampton told me.

At one point, she believes she noticed the same black Dodge Charger appearing in the parking lot when she visited various stores. Inside the store, people — one of them looked like John — followed her around and monitored her, she said.

Hampton thought that they were probably trying to make money from what they’re doing.

“I thought to myself that they were trying to make money off of using this technology on me, and [John] responded to my thought with ‘We already are,’ ” said Hampton, who believes that he was “probably paid more money to be able to show everybody he can do it out of state” after she moved to Texas, Hampton said.

She told me she believes the group’s attacks are directly responsible for the serious health problems she has developed. She does not believe any government or private entity is initiating the attacks.

Doctors recently found that Hampton has an aneurism, and she is having chest pains, as well. At times, she is having difficulty talking or forming thoughts. When symptoms come up, the group begins talking about that, she said.

I asked Hampton how she could endure everything she described, and she said it’s because of her supportive family and her faith in God. Being an ex-U.S. Marine has also helped, Hampton said. Her military training covered how to deal with being taken hostage if you’re subject to torture as a prisoner of war.

In recent weeks, as her health problems have escalated, Hampton said she has heard the voices saying they are going to kill her.

“They’ve had conversations about killing me,” she said.

To try to raise awareness and help others, she has written letters to members of Congress and has filed complaints with the FBI, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and law enforcement agencies.

“I wish they would arrest these people,” Hampton said. “I don’t know why they are taking so long. The longer it goes on, the more my health is deteriorating.”

She remains confident her alleged attackers “will be brought to justice.”

Hampton is not the only one to allege problems with John and his family. A former neighbor of Hampton’s in Riverbank claims she has been harassed by the same people. A group of them “sits in the driveway yelling and flipping us off,” Linda Anderson told me in a phone interview. Whenever she and her husband are outside, the group constantly snaps photos of them and films them with their cell phones, she said.

The alleged attackers have also used their vehicles to block her car so could not leave for work, she said.

On one occasion, the perpetrators crossed into Anderson’s yard and sprayed weed killer, she said. That, combined with the ongoing harassment, led to a yelling match between her husband and the perpetrators, Anderson said.

One day she arrived home with her daughter to find police taking away her husband in handcuffs. Officers refused to tell Anderson what her husband was charged with and asked if she and her daughter would also like to be arrested when she demanded an answer, according to her account of what happened.

“No charges were ever filed, and no reason was given for why he was in jail,” Anderson told me.

Numerous complaints she and her husband have filed with police about the group’s harassment have gone unanswered, Anderson said. Law enforcement has not tried to protect them, and the harassment has continued.

“It makes it sound like they know the police,” she said.

The harassment has escalated to a point where, just like the Hamptons, Anderson and her husband have decided to leave Riverbank, she said.

They are in the process of deciding where to move, Anderson told me.




Halfway across the country, in Big Lake, Minnesota, a town of about 11,000, Scott Blokzyl has a story so similar to Hampton’s that it’s uncanny. Both Blokzyl and Hampton told me they do not know each other, nor have they heard of each other’s experiences.

Blokzyl’s electronic harassment began in the spring of 2011, when he noticed “strange things happening” in an apartment complex where he previously lived in New Ulm, Minnesota, he told me. “I would hear electrical humming noises which would get louder around radiating noise sources such as a fan or an air conditioner,” he told me. “This was continuous and grew in volume until August of 2011.”

Eventually, he said, he began hearing his downstairs neighbor’s ham radio transmissions coming through his electronic devices. The voices were faint at first but became clearer eventually. Soon he could hear them reading back his thoughts and repeating what he said, Blokzyl said.

People speaking through the transmissions allegedly asked him why he was in New Ulm and if he knew what they were doing, Blokzyl said.

“None of this made any sense to me as I had no previous knowledge of what they were doing or how,” he said.

They also demanded to know if he was trying to get in contact with a female he used to know and if he was there to “mess with people” who were part of the radio network.

“After two nights of them continuously hammering me with their radio transmissions nonstop, I finally phoned [the female acquaintance] and demanded to know what was going on,” he said.

People who spoke over the transmissions eventually identified themselves by name, Blokzyl said. Previously, they referred to themselves as simply “the network.”

Their voices soon took on a threatening tone, and people behind the transmissions allegedly told Blokzyl to get out of New Ulm, he said. They promised to drive him crazy and make him commit suicide if he didn’t.

His tormentors also allegedly threatened to make him broke and homeless, and they ordered him to throw away his electronics. Next came instructions for him to harm people. When he refused, the group went into “the biggest temper-tantrum rant I have ever heard,” he said. “They began chanting various nonsense like ‘It’s called primal circuit entry, and it feels pretty good’ over and over. … That’s the clue they give you as to how something works.”

He believes it’s done through a radio transmission that falls into the “very low range of human hearing,” Blockzyl said. “They juice you enough until your body becomes attuned to the signal, and you start hearing it. Once you hear it, they are hearing your thoughts.”

At that point, your brainwave is now also in tune with the other people in the network, he said.

“The real interesting part is a guy came on network and said for him to call me the next day,” Blokzyl said. “He gave me a phone number, and I didn’t even check it. When I called, he knew who I was.”

Members of the alleged network have been arrested on or have served time for various pedophile-related charges, based on documentation that Blokzyl presented to me. They are also heavily into occult practices, according to many of the members’ social media posts.


One Facebook post from an alleged network member shows a photo of a Baphomet (Satan represented as a goat) with the caption, “You’re the reason some jerk is going to die angry today.” Blokzyl’s alleged harassers responded to the content with comments such as “Hail, Satan!” In another Facebook post, an alleged network member pays homage to the “hatred” in Lucifer’s eyes.

I asked him if he believes the group’s spiritual beliefs have anything to do with the harassment. He said he does not believe that’s the key factor.

“Their criminal backgrounds are the indication that they’re doing this,” Blokzyl said.

Over the course of his torment, Blokzyl has reached out to others on social media to try to get others to admit knowledge of what was happening. To illustrate his point, Blokzyl gave me the password to his Facebook account so I could read firsthand some of the communications he had about the topic.

There are numerous examples of people who seemed to admit they have knowledge about the network as well as some other disturbing content.

“Everyone knows who is doing it,” Blokzyl said. “There are three families involved in sending the transmissions.”

One of the responders to his questions said he believed the group would help him manipulate a girl into loving him.

“I thought they were devils,” the friend wrote Blokzyl via Facebook messenger. “I thought they were cops. I thought they were vampires. I don’t know what they are. But they told me it’s fuckery. I just wanted someone special; thought they would brainwash her into loving me.”




For anyone who wades into the world of targeted individuals — including myself — accusations that you are part of the problem are going to surface. That is the case with Robert Duncan, who has written books on directed energy weapons. According to his biography, Duncan has worked on projects for the Department of Defense, the CIA, and the DOJ.

Although he has written books on the topic and made appearances on YouTube channels and television, Duncan’s information on directed energy weapons and voice-to-skull technology has yet to go mainstream.

In a phone interview, I asked him why he believes his allegations have not gone viral like the mass surveillance programs publicly discussed by National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, Bill Binney, and Thomas Drake.

“It would scare people too much,” Duncan said, “and they don’t want the people to panic. … This technology will turn all of Western society on its head, from religions which rely on free will to democracies and voting systems and even controlling political leaders. Silent assassinations. You’ve fooled the doctors, the police, and the legal system, as well.”

The operations are broadcast from various locations in the country — Duncan says he’s not sure where they are — and they’re carried out through radio frequencies and other technology, he said.

“It’s not necessarily one frequency,” Duncan said. “It can be used across the whole spectrum.”

Sometimes “cover stories” are used to conceal the true source of the harassment, which Duncan says almost always involves the government. “The cover story is evil aliens are attacking a person or Satanic cults — they will often play into whatever that person believes in. That’s why it’s very convincing.”

But Duncan maintains that covert intelligence operations are virtually always behind it.

One of the programs mentioned in Duncan’s book, “Project: Soul Catcher,” describes a system called S.A.T.A.N., which stands for Silent Assassination Through Adaptive Neural Networks.

“It can mean rewiring the brain or rewiring social networks, sort of like what Facebook does,” Duncan told me. “And that’s the psychological warfare tactics. You can make someone fall in love with somebody, or you can disrupt relationships and create new ones. You can rewire the brain — neural networks — to control their emotions, their beliefs. You can type in subliminal messages while they’re dreaming or in their awake state.”

He described the overarching program as “a massive, integrated system, with other subsystems.”

The “very sophisticated” weapons that he studies are cybernetic. “They actually rewire the audio cortex, and so vocabulary words that the target is hearing are coming from within their own brain, not through normal sensory input of the eardrum.”

It sounds like an actual voice that “can even give distance and projection,” Duncan said, “but no one else can hear it or pick it up. It’s specific to the target.”

Deception and trickery are key components of the system, he said.

“You can use any voice that’s ever been over a telephone,” he said. “It’s been databased at the NSA. They only need a sample. The person can be dead, even. And then they can pipe that voice into their heads.”

Duncan said it irritates him that some people believe only diplomats are under attack. A less unassuming target is an easy target because no one would believe him or her. “The craziest one I’ve heard is a woman who could hear voices talking about the FBI through her Rice Krispies popping, her cereal.”

A man also related that he continually hears the Munchkin song from The Wizard of Oz being piped into his head.

For some of the victims, speaking out is the only thing they can do.




Moore, the targeted-individuals victim and advocate, is one of the most outspoken critics.

He centers most of his videos on what he calls “organized criminal stalking” or “community policing.”

Moore asserts that he is constantly harassed through a law enforcement program that profiles and targets people. The harassment is carried out by law enforcement agencies that partner with residents who are part of a community policing program.

Multiple videos on Moore’s YouTube channel (United States Anti-Gangstalking Association) and on Facebook have shown strangers lurking in the woods behind his home, walking up on his doorstep and peering in his windows, or shining bright lights into his home. In one of the videos, gunshots are heard being fired outside his home, something Moore said is done to intimidate him.

People sit inside cars at the volunteer fire station adjacent to his home and stare at him. Another video shows an entourage of 13 vehicles — many of them with loud mufflers — parading past his house late at night and pulling into the fire station parking lot.

Moore also reports multiple attempts to run him off the road, some of which have totaled his car. He has managed to escape serious injury, he said.

Through his videos, Moore has also spoken about experienced electromagnetic shocks and other forms of electronic harassment, and he has addressed the items being sold on

“I don’t care about the bricks and mortar,” Moore told me in a phone interview. “I want the clowns using it. I want the heartbeats behind it. Tell me what asshole has been using this.”

Other videos by Moore have shown at least a dozen drones hoovering high above his house.

“As a victim, it’s understood, but it’s not spoken, that we do not have rights,” Moore said. “We have no constitutional rights. None of those things apply for us.”

Moore has been cited for “cyberstalking” for things he says he has written on his own Facebook page about the people who are harassing him. The reason, he said, is that he has openly accused and named law enforcement officers he believes are responsible for entering him into the program.

Like many targeted individuals, Moore complains of being marginalized and isolated. People who often come into his life — first as advocates, friends, or girlfriends — almost always end up being part of the problem, and a major betrayal or falling out follows, he said.

His main message, Moore said, is telling victims they are not imagining what is happening.

“Never, never, never bounce this off other people for validation,” he said. “Don’t try to convince people, because there are people who are in place for you to tell them, and they’ll make you sound like a lunatic. … “ ‘I believe you,’ ” he said he tells victims. “That’s my main message.”

He calls the system pure evil, one that causes immense pain for those caught in its snare.

“God is showing us right now what evil is for the first time,” Moore said, “more so than any other generation.”


  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this issue to the foreground. There are many of us out here being illegally targeted and gangstalked, some of us for decades. The targeting program is so complex with the use of high tech surveillance technology, Homeland Security fusion centers, covert internet groups, etc., that most people don’t understand the reality of it, so then victims are just dismissed as crazy. Those who are subjected to being targeted and gangstalked have been silenced, slandered, psychologically tortured and forced into isolation. We targeted people just want our human and constitutional rights restored.

    • Sabrina you NAILED it !!!!! I am a year in to it and It was right after I got out of custody I went to the feds for a year and 2 days for wire fraud. When I got out I had hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank and I was beginning to think that I was going to rebuild my life after incarceration unfortunately any and everyone I know including my own mother have taken part and continue to on a day-to-day basis. They try to say things like I’m schizophrenic and I’m crazy. They’re always trying to discount the truth. He told me this goes on in the USA I would say to that person you lost your mind…Now I’m fighting to stay say and not go postal. It’s difficult because I have taken care of so many people but houses cars you name it I’ve done it and it wasn’t all for me but for the people that currently take part in gang stalking me.

      • All day long I am attacked. I was just woken up again by an awful dream they concocted. The technology is vicious and I have experienced nonstop every possible horrible effect of this evil. My hair has fallen out, they forced sterilization on my ovaries, I have had numerous seizures and the authorities do nothing because it’s politically motivated. Constantly touching to make me look low and sickly. They are trying to recreate the Bible second coming around my dna. Truth.

    • Well, no, articles like this defy the Nazi’s, the KKK, and their Lulu Markwell KKK Kamelia’s styled slander campaigns, and spit in the eye of others like them who do this stuff in the USA; and bring light where those dark souls otherwise seek to cause suffering for others.

      With gang stalking, you only have two groups: 1) those who are actual stalkers, hiding as fake TI’s and others who discredit actual victims, and 2) actual victims.

      Which category are you in? But real cases of gang stalking are now in the courts today–gang stalking lawsuits are now a real thing, and gas lighters need not fret until they are named in indictments, Konrad.

      -the eBay gang of stalkers have taken plea deals, and one is set to face the jury next month. That police “gang” had several retired or disgraced cops init-and they retired from a notoriously corrupt department in the gang stalking city of Santa Clara, CA
      -the “gang” of police and prosecutors who gang stalked Ahmaud Arbery were convicted–they will never breathe free air again (YES! A gang stalking cases WON for the actual victims!)
      -the FBI’s recently botched manufactured terror plot in Michigan had 12 indicted (watch those 12’s and 13’s in these cases, just as we see in Moore’s story above)and of those several agents faced charges or scrutiny–look at what happened to double-dipping gang member/SA Jayson Chambers, lol. The news reported he “attempted to parlay his FBI work hunting for terrorists into a private moneymaking venture” Agency folk so honest and all LMFAO

      There are so many gang stalking lawsuits in the courts today that they are too many to list–this ancient form of police corruption is starting to see challenges in the age of the internet–these cockroaches cannot hide from the blaring light of the internet.

      QAnon is an entirely different PSYOP than the other post-Flavian Abrahamic Trifecta Masonic world order– Twilight Zone stuff. In gang stalking, there is no “theory” only actual “conspiracy” as we see in cases like that of Richard Moore, who is taking names, and also suing those demons in court.

  2. I like the way you separate the military and intelligence agency trolls into one category, and stand by Richard’s story. He is truly being persecuted, and he has brought attention to others in similar situations.

    And separating these into two categories is necessary. On one hand, groups and individuals who all trained in policing, military, intelligence roles, all of whom point to evidence free claims, and on the other hand, laypersons who document insane “community policing” groups terrorizing them EXACTLY as Richard documents.

    You are also spot on about the number of cars in his video too, re:”Another video shows an entourage of 13 vehicles”–these gangs use the number 12 and 13 in all of their work.

    The 12-13 configuration is a hallmark of police or intelligence cult activity, too–it shows up in surprising numbers of federal indictments, like we saw in the case of the Michigan fake-kidnapping plot of Gov. Whitmer. In that case, there were more FBI informants, than there were fake-plotters, and the number 12 used in the initial indictment, lol.

    In some investigations, police also use five-person teams to tail people, with seven lurking in gray man mode, doing assessments, surveillance, behavioral analysis, radio work and so on. We saw that same configuration in the Stephen Paddock Las Vegas shooting too–five men in the stairwell and other places, as others operated the hotel camera’s and so on. All of that is reported in major media.

    The various factions of militia’s (aka the KKK, as Richard has documented) use the number with five in the open and seven in the shadows too–and the so-called Smiley Face Killer theorists have documented that EXACT configuration in their work too. Their theory holds similar to mine: that a five-person foot surveillance and action team deploys ground activity, while a seven-person team does other things.

    I think you know that I have documented these cults and their use of that number for many years, in many cases, long before Richard caught that on his Ring video–all of the actual gangs of stalkers are current and former police, military, and intelligence agents, working with their community assets–just like you wrote about in your last pieces here at the FWW, where we saw these cyber-terrorists stalking and harassing the mother of a boy who was killed in a ketamine overdose.

    Richard has also documented a gang of three women who are currently waging an interstate smear campaign against him, one of whom is the daughter of a rather wealthy corporate “leadership development” strategist at Blue Oceans. I think I mentioned that feature of these people to you long before she appeared on the scene to do what she did.

    She travelled interstate to literally steal his camera’s and a pair of his underwear, all while she was in contact with the Union County sheriff, who he is suing. NO KIDDING, ask him.

    Another is a pro mini-golfer who claims she can perform “vaccine reversals,”and is all over Quora posting extreme right wing content–and she came over to the US as a former Soviet Bloc era immigrant. These people are insane sociopaths for the most part, and their bizarre antics defy logical explanations, much like your encounter with the Targeted Justice/Richard Lighthouse crowd in the last article.

    When you remove the police/military/intel psychobabblers from actual victims like Richard, the story becomes more clear–he has evidence for his claims, and they do not.

    And all the bizarre stuff that he and others capture on film cannot be dismissed–we see cops all over the USA sending these Fusion Center informed mobs to harass people, in “predictive policing” PSYOPs. The recent Maine Information and Analysis Center (MIAC) Shadow Report documents this form of police/intel harassment, exactly as genuine targeted individuals claim they do.

    In the MIAC Report, we see how these fraudulent Fusion Centers are merely targeting activists, and the poor, the disenfranchised and the whistle blowers with deep PSYOP, stalking, and worse.

    That the MIAC–one of around 80 official state Fusion Centers, has strayed “far from its original national security mission. It is preoccupied with traditional concerns of policing: the conventional crimes associated with poverty and powerlessness.”

    But one thing that is hard NOT to miss on either side? ALL of these conversations end with one or another form of “praise Jesus” or “Hopes-N-Prayers” and so on. Religion, the greatest PSYOP of all time….

  3. Anyone who would like to reach out to me can do so through this article or Teri Webster. If you want to compare experiences, ask advice or just talk to someone else going through this. I would like to share that through the grace of God I have thousands of home surveillance videos, along with cell phone videos that captured the signal of my attackers and their conversations. In these videos they discuss exactly what they are doing to me and other family members, neighbors and community members. I was able to hear them on my laptop using a common ear bud. The problem is that the frequency is so low that in order for other people to hear them I had to take the videos to an audio professional who was able to hear them and enable my husband to also hear their voices. I still have not figured out how to bring the voices up loud enough to burn to a CD for the authorities to listen to. I would appreciate any advice any one has. I can state that I do have a case with the Federal Communications Bureau that is in enforcement. And that Congressman Jake Ellzey’s office is looking into my case. Because of this I believe that our government is trying to help. Also please repost this news article to all of your social media web sites. The more people talking about this the sooner something will get done to help the victims of it. There is power in numbers. PLEASE don’t suffer in silence. Thank you.

    • Hi, Jill. Where is your “evidence”?

      I would like to see it, and other researchers would like to see it too.

      Do you actually have evidence, or are you just psycho-babbling for “Jesus”?

      If you have evidence, I am sure the author of this article would love to see it.

      Unlike Richard Moore, who has ample photos and films of police and community policing assets stalking him, running him off the highways and trying to kill him, I am sure that Teri Webster is ready to look at your evidence–if you actually have it.

      Meanwhile, either provide that evidence, or STFU, as they say–whoever “they” are.

      I myself am ready to look at you evidence, if you have it.

      In the meantime, please support Richard Moore, as he struggles against fake TIs and community policing asshats, who are trying to starve him–literally–into death.

      Those of us who study this are well aware of how such realities are consumed, puked out, and codified as religious narratives.

      Richard Moore, despite his religious gibberish, is in fact a target of religious monsters, and his case deserves the highlight that Teri gave it here.

      • Hello Rogs,
        I also have video evidence. I have thousands of videos that also captured their signal. Did you know that any microphone will pick up and record the voices pointed at your head? I not only have them identifying themselves, but also talking about exactly what they are doing. The voices on the videos are so low that I had to take them to an audio professional in town in order for my husband and the audio professional to hear them. Also other neighbors of mine were witnesses to their crimes.
        I have nothing to hide Rogs. I am trying to help other victims.
        Thank You, Jill

        • Also Rogs,
          You stated that there are a lot of gang stalking cases in the court system right now. Where would I find this information? Have you heard of other victims that actually have cases with the FCC that are in the enforcement bureau? Thanks, Jill

  4. This has been happening to me for approximately a year and it is the most evil thing I have ever experienced. The people involved should be jailed for life. They know exactly what they are doing and have bet the house on never being caught.

  5. They’re using this to launch an ANTIFA witch hunt in Portland right now.

    People who didn’t even go to a rally, and just spoke online, being targeted and tortured.

  6. Very good Terrie as always you do a very good story and your writing is enjoyable to read. We need more of this to bring more awareness to these crimes against humanity in plain sight.

  7. Thank you for shedding light on this subject – organized stalking / cult ritual abuse, torture and silent murder that is unfortunately on the rise around the world by black-op fascists.

    There needs to be a complete intelligent exposure of all such evil persons, public and private entities and agencies that are in the business of ruining innocent lives whom are victims of this 21st century holocaust.

    The truth will prevail and these shadowy people and groups will one day reap what they sow and they will have to pay for their crimes against humanity.

    To everyone that endures such pure evil of being targeted and as hard as it is to do so, stay sane, stay positive and stay strong in your trials and tribulations.

  8. Thank you for this article! It means so much to the community to have someone who isn’t a fellow victim to actually look into and bring to light all of this.

    Yes, I am a Targeted Individual. I am constantly tortured by energy weapons no matter where I go!

    It all started for me in Williamson County, TX which is just north of Austin. The sheriff’s deputies there harassed me nonstop in weird and bizarre ways (what the community calls gangstalking but I didn’t know about the term back then). Unfortunately, I had nowhere to go and my family didn’t believe me. I didn’t file a complaint with their office as I worried it would only get worse and would make me look crazy in the process. So I just ignored it. Honestly, what they did to me just seemed dumb (besides towards the end when an unmarked police car tried to crash into my vehicle). It’s like why would you even bother doing petty stuff like that to someone, especially since I pretty much kept to myself? But I should have known only warped individuals would engage in these behaviors and that things would get worse.

    One night, I felt vibrations waking me up. I thought someone was drilling into the earth or something, but it kept on getting stronger and stronger each night. I finally realized it was coming from my neighbor across the street, an ex-deputy who was strange to say the least. It’s like he was aiming some kind of directed energy weapon (or DEW as people call it) at me. Eventually, it felt like a professional weightlifter was shaking me with all his might. Physically, I couldn’t take it anymore and left to live with a relative in the Dallas area.

    But on my drive over there, I started to get hit with a burning kind of DEW. And I kept getting hit with that burning DEW even when I was living at my grandpa’s house. I still have the burn marks on my skin to this day from it. No one in my family believed me and I knew the cops probably wouldn’t either (the cops in that town had also gangstalked me before that… it seems like the gangstalking by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office had followed me there), so I took off running across the country in fear of my life and health.

    On the run, it seems like US military people, veterans and active duty, as well as military vehicles in the air were hitting me with energy weapons, the burning and the vibrating kind. (That weird ex-deputy neighbor of mine as well as many of the deputies in Williamson County were also ex-military.) They would always aim the vibration DEW at my heart and the burning one at my crotch. One attack in Tucson, AZ from what I believe was a helicopter (one of the few days it was cloudy) hit me so hard in the heart that I thought I was going to die of a heart attack on the streets. They even hit me with the burning DEW while on an Amtrak train. I would get up and move around the train, but there would only be a few seconds delay before they had it focused on my crotch again. I have no idea how this is possible. The worst burning DEW was in downtown El Paso as I walked around waiting for my train. Standing still trying to figure out where this attack was coming from, an ugly couple in military clothing eventually came out of their apartment and stared me down like they were trying to intimidate me. I’m pretty sure they had a directed energy weapon in their apartment. I think that burning DEW has done permanent damage to my sex organs. Now I’m not sure if I can ever have a family in the future… Probably the strongest vibrating DEW attack (besides the helicopter one) came from the mailman in my grandpa’s neighborhood that he would aim at my head (well, I think it was remotely controlled). I think he kept it in his mail truck. Before that, he wore his military hat and stared at me with an angry face. Eventually, I started to walk towards his truck one day while being attacked (I wasn’t sure what I was going to do once I got to him). Then he suddenly stopped his vehicle and then the vibration stopped. I think he unplugged it. He then drove off. Unfortunately, when I’m attacked by DEWs they are often too far away from me to do anything about it.

    Back to when I was on the run, I was only able to give them all the slip for a few days after ditching my phone. It became pretty clear people in the US military or the US military itself were throwing everything they had at me short of killing me or doing anything that would leave clear evidence of an attack.

    And it also became clear the only way to solve this was either to become homeless or fight this in court.

    (I guess there was a third option. After the FBI office in Phoenix refused to talk to me about military corruption, I called the Phoenix police to report my gangstalking, didn’t mention anything about energy weapons out of fear of looking crazy. They did try to have me committed to a psych ward, but I was barely able to avoid it. Finally, the lieutenant hinted that if I joined a group all of this would stop. I wasn’t sure what the heck he was talking about, but now I think he was talking about the Freemasons. I really didn’t believe any conspiracy theory before all of this, but now I heavily research the topic.)

    I chose the latter and came back to my parent’s in Austin and grandfather’s in Dallas (since I would be tortured by energy weapons no matter where I went) to start gathering evidence while trying my best to shield myself. (Williamson County is by far still the worst in regard to DEW torture and I try to stay away from that place as much as possible.) Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get any good amount of evidence as they use frequencies that are not normally detected by consumer EMF readers. Money is tight.

    But the weird thing is that the energy weapon torture has significantly gone down after I came back, enough where I can more or less live with it. I’m not entirely sure why they did this, but I guess they had their fun, didn’t want to leave too much evidence of their attacks, and didn’t want my family too worried as they then might start taking my claims seriously. But they do increase my energy attacks whenever I make comments or posts online like this one I’m writing right now. It’s like they’re trying to train me to be quiet about all of this.

    That’s pretty much my story. It sucks that I keep getting hit by DEWs to this day. No shielding really works besides using my own body (mostly, I use my hands and arms to absorb the attacks). And I’m also still gangstalked by police officers and random people no matter where I go.

    I was always described as the nice and hard-working guy growing up, so I’m baffled as to why I was tortured like this.

    Pure evil is probably the most accurate way to describe it all…

  9. For those that hear voices….
    Does the voice you hear match the person you see?
    Is the voice male or female? Is there an accent? How old does the voice sound? Does the voice sound like it’s walking (breathy) or standing still? Do you hear an airy echo as if the voice is in a car? Are there any background noises? What do you notice about the pronunciation and usage of words? Is there more than one voice? How do they sound when they talk to each other? If you can see the person does the expression on their face match what the voice is saying? In other words if you hear laughter, is the person smiling, giggling under their breath, etc.
    You can learn so many different things about someone by just listening to their voice. That’s why it is said that your voice is your finger print. No two voices are the same.
    Make sure you try to make a recording of the voices. Even if you can not hear the voice on the recording send it in to the FBI. If the voice is on the recording they have the technology to be able to hear it.
    If anyone would like me to listen to their recordings please send it in to Teri Webster. Please do not tell me what the recording says. If I hear anything I will relay back to you what I can hear through Teri.

  10. Just annoying indeed, why people turning out to be pests with technology? Could this all be fabricated, sure is, lots of nonsense these dayz or is it all true? Damn matrix simulations, someone pull out wires or design the show better. People will kill for love, say whatever lies they want or may need to make someone go away for hurt emotional feels, they may throw under the bus to be run over at least 10X, then into the lion’s den so there is no evidence that can prove they really the crazy ones. Stop caring so much, just go live life already, we live in a pretty crazy and polluted world, everyone knows that, maybe not the young ones in their bubbles, so why so much stupid fighting, crimes, waste of time on Earth. If I think you are crazy, then go away already, we all a little crazy, if it makes you feel better you can call the person crazy too, for judging and calling you crazy, great, now they both crazies. So what, we all crazy okay, nobody really cares anyways.In fact, i will be happy for you, go be wild and crazy, just keep your distance. Yes, people have weapons, this is Anerica after alll, so why is there still lots of bad, ugly, and evil around? At least those damn mass shootings went away, maybe, i can not stand the news, so lame, lame, lame, J.C., why so much of that lame and ugly in the past? Crazy country indeed!!!

  11. is the world’s largest support group for Targeted Individuals & Havana Syndrome. Please visit our website and see the pictures of microwave burns. The weapons are real. The stories are real. The weapons are operated by the US Space Force at Schriever Space Force Base. Funded by the CIA.

  12. This is happening to myself and my family. The stalking, the ultrasonic and emf weapons causing repeated cancer, aneurysm and ” Havana Syndrome”, job sabotage, smear campaign, destruction of property, Identity theft. This is all part of their campaign and my family has been targeted for over ten years. A lot of this involves life insurance fraud and real estate theft. Please help us.

  13. The root abuses at the heart of this phenomenon are very real. Where things go off the rails is in the very divergent explanations that are eventually adopted by the victims. Some are sure to go into pretty nutty territory trying to explain something where the cause is so insidious and so well hidden. Others stay a little more grounded but there’s still no way not to sound paranoid when insisting one is being followed 24/7 and blasted with secret energy weapons. The whole thing is SUPPOSED to sound nuts. By and large, they choose their victims very wisely: poor people with a history of mental health issues, amphetamine users, the homeless and people without strong family connections. They choose their victims the way serial killers do. They find marginalized people who do not have a strong community to advocate for them. Usually they are strong-willed people who pissed-off the wrong person. The person they angered could be a pillar of the community or just a rich scumbag…but someone with money and influence among the people who run this horrible program. I believe that the nation’s fusion centers are absolutely the primary financial/organizational resource at the center of what is known as “gangstalking”. Gangstalking is actually several covert crimes by a few different felonious groups that exist in a symbiosis of predatory action. A “fusion” of private sector civilians, active and retired law enforcement and military specialists use the RISS/ATIX platform to criminally stalk individuals. They have been convinced they are preventing crime and are sworn to secrecy. Another group (CIA? DOD?) takes advantage of the non-stop surveillance and maintain a much more insidious agenda: long-term behavior-modification/no-touch torture experimentation using directed energy weapons. The targets, who are seen as disposable to begin with, are slowly destroyed by these experiments. Either psychologically or, eventually, physically. But, it looks like nothing unnatural happened so expertly cultivated is this program. Expert plausible deniability is the dark art that insures their actions remain invisible to anyone except the victim even as they operate in plain sight. The truth will eventually out; except those targeted do not have 30 years to patiently wait for vindication. The historical precedent exists in MKULTRA and COINTELPRO. Considering the current growth of the Surveillance Industrial Complex and the emerging market for directed energy weapons…it shouldn’t be so hard to believe these crimes are being committed. The same root abuses are being reported by people coast to coast and all of them are being categorically dismissed as being psychotic. This specific mass-delusion did not exist before the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. The nation’s fusion centers have been the most fertile breeding ground for this new American fascism which reached a zenith in visibility with the election of Donald Trump. A fascist autocrat who tried to seize control of the Presidency like a third-world strongman (and nearly succeeded) gained control of the Executive branch of our government. How fantastic is it to believe that a fascist culture has gone rogue using our nation’s overfunded and poorly supervised fusion centers? The technology exists for these atrocities to be real. The organizational and financial infrastructure exists in the fusion centers found in all 50 states. It is time to take “Targeted Individuals” seriously and demand a true Congressional inquiry with some teeth.
    Jason Urbanski

  14. Can you record the inaudible voices you hear, hook up a “Backdoor” speaker to your laptop and Alexa will repeat what you recorded?! Where can I find a “Backdoor” speaker?