Our first story about targeted individuals in 2021 (“Gangstalking,” Jan 22, 2020) drew emails and phone calls from around the world. Over the past year, we’ve heard from people in Texas, across the United States, and in places as far away as Germany, Canada, and England. Emails and phone calls about the first story continue to come in.

Some of the people who contacted us were happy to see the topic of targeted individuals being addressed and wanted to share their stories. Others took offense to the story’s tone and content.

But first, who are targeted individuals? Generally, they are people who believe they are under attack by a group, organization, or individual seeking to destroy their lives or place them in grave physical danger.


The topic is a controversial or emotional one, especially for those who say they are victims.

After the Weekly’s first story, one of the most vocal critics was Richard Lighthouse, who is affiliated with the website Among Lighthouse’s beliefs is that the U.S. government uses weaponized satellites to experiment on or torture U.S. citizens.

Angry about the tone of the story, Lighthouse and some of his followers repeatedly emailed me. Others — both for and against the story — bombarded the Weekly’s office with phone calls and emails. They and others contacted everyone from the receptionist and members of the sales staff to Publisher Lee Newquist.

Although I made repeated attempts to talk to Lighthouse, he refused. I also tried to contact others associated with, but he wrote an article that suggested I never bothered. Copies of my emails and phone logs tell otherwise.

Lighthouse also wrote on Targeted Justice that he declined to talk to me because he knew it would be “an unresearched hit piece.”

Those kinds of tactics are not something you’d expect from a group that claims to want to raise awareness about targeted individuals and harassment.

The system targeted individuals complain about is elusive and difficult to prove, much like many of the things that targeted individuals complain about: mysterious voices that seem to generate from nowhere or directed-energy weapons that cause confusion or serious physical injury. Many of the claims by targeted individuals have led people to assume they are “crazy.”

This time around, I revisited a conversation I had for the first story with Michael Nuccitelli, a Brooklyn psychologist who also studies cyber-harassment and created a concept called iPredator.

By profession, Nuccitelli analyzes behavior through the lens of possible psychological disorders, but he does not automatically dismiss the claims of those who say they’re being targeted. Anyone — whether they believe targeting exists or not — can have mental health issues that range across a continuum from mild to severe, he said.

“To immediately say all of them are delusional, I would say no,” Nuccitelli said. “Are some? Yes, but it’s all on that continuum.”

In addition to his work as a psychologist, Nuccitelli volunteers on nights and weekends to talk with and help people who say they are being trolled or harassed.

“When I do my volunteer work, I will occasionally get folks who will say that there are devices in the walls,” he said. “I have had folks tell me that there are devices in the television, and then I have to say, ‘Is your television internet enabled?’ Because if it is a smart TV, there is that possibility.”

In part, Nuccitelli’s volunteer work began after he experienced online character assassination and trolling. He knows firsthand what it’s like to be harassed by a person or a group of people. The harassment he endured included accusations — without proof — and an unsuccessful attempt to get his license revoked, which would have likely ended his career, Nuccitelli said.

The experience led Nuccitelli to develop iPredator. Generally, an iPredator uses information and communication technology to cause harm to another person or group. The perpetrators are fully aware they are causing harm. They also use cyber-stealth to create online deception to “engage in criminal or deviant activities or to profile, locate, stalk, and engage a target,” Nuccitelli says.

A subcategory of an iPredator is what he calls iPredator Bridge. These harassers are not criminal or deviant but harbor other motivations for harassing their target. Their reasons might be different political, moral, or religious beliefs.

Whatever the reason, if the person being harassed feels threatened or frightened because of the potential for physical harm or some other attack, it becomes cyberstalking.

“When it moves into the realm of someone being afraid, or someone is in fear of losing their job, that is cyberstalking,” Nuccitelli said.

Targeted individuals who launch an attack if they are upset with how they’re portrayed in the media, for example, could fall under the iPredator Bridge category, Nuccitelli said. Often, these attacks are aimed at someone’s employer or at their family members and friends, he added.

“They target you, but the reason they’re doing it is that they perceive they’re being affronted, that you don’t believe them,” he said.

In other words, “They perceive that you deserve it,” Nuccitelli said. — Teri Webster


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  1. I have mixed feelings about the way you write. The targeted program is basically “Cointelpro2022”. Ran the Government. Period. It exists, its not a lie and the government chooses a large number of mentally ill targets which is then used to discredit anyone who speaks out. Anyone trying to prove the program does not exist or to say its a “mass psychosis” is probably paid to say that. You also have to remember that the FBI and other entities pay professionals or blackmail professionals in the psychiatric therapy fields to say someone is crazy even if they are not. It is part of the “plausible deniability” tactic and discrediting people who are telling the truth. They also pay or manipulate television personalities, journalists, not publish accounts or publish enough lies and BS to not take the Targeting program seriously, . for all they know, you are one of these people. If the FBI, NSA, CIA, Fusion Centers, Law Enforcement etc…..are targeting, you have to ask yourself why are they allowed such power. Think of CHINA and the system they are using right now. It is very degrading and dehumanizing. These entities can literally use private security companies, use neighborhood watch volunteer policing to target by lying to the very people that think they are helping and doing something good for their neighborhood or country. These people, a lot of them have no idea they are part of a bigger scheme to psychologically torture other people who don’t deserve it on any level. 90% of the people in the targeting program and harmless humans just living their lives and stupidly thinking that America is about Democracy and Freedom. That ship has sailed. They have been running this program covertly since it began and have never stopped Cointelpro. You will realize its too late when its your turn. So stop trying to disprove the program is real and start fighting to have it taken down. I did not know I was a target until I was 58. I had no idea what was happening in my life until I woke up twice in 2021, once being held down in my bed by a neighbor and being drugged and raped. The next morning I woke up with bruises on by arms and chest and marks on my body. Several times over the last year I have been stalked on foot and by drones and cars etc . Each time the cops tried to discredit me, laugh at me and blow me off. Again in November the same year I woke up while being raped by 3 guys in my house and operated on with what looked like black stitches on my back with something embedded into a back tattoo. Each time I woke up long enough to know something awful was happening to me and when I contacted the police I was laughed and and disregarded and discredited. This program is so big and so many people in power who should not have it have been able to shield most people from even knowing they are targets. I now know that I have been a target for years and just found out my step father just recently retired from a job that contracts with SAIC and DARPA. So tell me Im crazy all you want but it will be too late when you finally realized how foolish you were. Usually by the time you know you are a targeted its too late and they, THE GOVERNMENT, are getting bolder and greedier and sloppier. What it will take is someone with some balls to speak out, stand up and stop the program all together. It doesn’t sound like you really want to give targets a voice. I don’t blame him for not wanting to talk to you. With that said, I’m not sure TargetedJustice is an actual organization that wants to help people. I have reached out to them several times and have not gotten very good responses that say they want to help. I don’t know who is really running that site but try Targeted America and see if that is any better. I personally have not been able to get help from a single legitimate person yet and I have been trying for over a year. I hope you never become a target. If you never prayed before you will be doing more praying than you ever thought possible.

  2. Listen if anyone can bring the voices out on my videos loud enough to post and turn over to the authorities, I believe it will help masses of victims and enlighten a lot of people.

  3. I believe individuals are targeted by evil, both in cyber space, and in person. Beware of silent gang stalking. One can go to the authorities, but sometimes the authorities are very much involved.

  4. Jill, I am experiencing the same V2K experiences as you. I am curious to know if other TI’s can hear each other’s programming?
    I have tried to record it for years. I turn my electricity off to do it. I get some pretty funky recordings. Unexplainable sounds and strange voices usually belittle me, but still, I would like to find a way to amplify my recordings as well.
    Good luck in our endeavors!

  5. The root abuses at the heart of this phenomenon are very real. Where things go off the rails is in the very divergent explanations that are eventually adopted by the victims. Some are sure to go into pretty nutty territory trying to explain something where the cause is so insidious and so well hidden. Others stay a little more grounded but there’s still no way not to sound paranoid when insisting one is being followed 24/7 and blasted with secret energy weapons. The whole thing is SUPPOSED to sound nuts. By and large, they choose their victims very wisely: poor people with a history of mental health issues, amphetamine users, the homeless and people without strong family connections. They choose their victims the way seial killers do. They find marginalized people who do not have a strong community to advocate for them. Usually they are strong-willed people who pissed-off the wrong person. The person they angered could be a pillar of the community or just a rich scumbag…but someone with money and influence among the people who run this horrible program. I believe that the nation’s fusion centers are absolutely the primary financial/organizational resource at the center of what is known as “gangstalking”. Gangstalking is actually several covert crimes by a few different felonious groups that exist in a symbiosis of predatory action. A “fusion” of private sector actors, active and retired law enforcement and military specialists use the RISS/ATIX platform to criminally stalk individuals. They have been convinced they are preventing crime and are sworn to secrecy. Another group takes advantage of the non-stop surveillance and maintain a much more insidious agenda: long-term behavior-modification/no-touch torture experimentation using directed energy weapons. The targets, who are seen as disposable to begin with, are slowly destroyed by these experiments. Either psychologically or, eventually, physically. Bur it looks like nothing happened so expertly cultivated is this program to always maintain plausible deniability and to remain virtually invisible to anyone except the victim even as they operate it plain sight. The truth will eventually out; except those targeted do not have 30 years to patiently wait for vindication. The historical precedent exists in MKULTRA and COINTELPRO. Considering the current growth of the Surveillance Industrial Complex and the emerging market for directed energy weapons…it shouldn’t be so hard to believe these crimes are being committed. The same root abuses are being reported by people coast to coast and all of them are being categorically dismissed as being psychotic. This specific mass-delusion did not exist before the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. The nation’s fusion centers have been the most fertile breeding ground for this new American fascism which reached a zenith in visibility with the election of Donald Trump. A fascist autocrat who tried to seize control of the Presidency like a third-world strongman (and nearly succeeded) gained control of the Executive branch of our government. How fantastic is it to believe that a fascist culture has gone rogue using our nation’s overfunded and poorly supervised fusion centers. The technology exists for these atrocities to be real. The organizational and financial infrastructure exists in the fusion centers found in all 50 states. It is time to take “Targeted Individuals” seriously and demand a true Congressional inquiry with some teeth.
    Jason Urbanski

  6. Interesting! You r quite fair to the TI, until u take the word of a non-Targeted (so called) professional n the psych field! When they don’t know anyone personally, or aren’t Targeted themselves as severely as TIs are, they will ALWAYS jump to the conclusion that some of us are delusional, yet that’s the standard initiated default setting for those who really haven’t gone thru this extreme Disrupt and Destroy Program (term coined by Law enforcement ofcr turned into a TI!

    But, with time, maybe you will come to understand what it’s truly like to live amidst 24/7 attempts to harm by local agencies and the Public around us! And yes, the Public does believe that we are deserving of this continual abuse! A security guard admitted honestly to one of our members that the Public really does believe that we are deserving!

    Thank u for listening!

  7. Thank you for reporting on this topic. My name is James Leonard and I am the vice president of Freedom For Targeted Individuals and I would be happy to speak with you about targeting.