Flower Child’s bowls come with several thoughtfully presented ingredients. Courtesy of Flower Child

Like a lot of folks preparing to spend time by the water, I’ve been slowly homing in on a body type that hopefully passes for beach-worthy, at least by soon-to-be 40-year-old standards. To that end, I’ve sought out plant-centric foods when I can with mixed success. Located just north of TCU, the recently opened Flower Child sounded like the kind of health-conscious spot that would help me reach my summer goals.

The interior looks like a homey kitchen and dining area. Varied seating options and overhead wicker chandeliers offer spacious and well-lit environs for a few dozen diners. After placing my order, I snagged a small table near the entrance and awaited the first of several dishes that came out in quick succession.

The crushed avocado toast was dense and packed with flavor. The multigrain bread was thick and bursting with grainy goodness. Every bite ran the gamut of textures from soft hard-boiled egg to creamy avocado, then hearty bread. Accentuating the experience were pungent sprinkles of aged white cheddar that tasted a bit like parmesan and nutty bits of black sesame seeds.


Flower Child offers several creative salads that won’t leave you hungry. The Ginger Miso Crunch came with a hefty bed of Asian cabbage topped with spiraled carrots, red bell pepper slices, zucchini, and thick chunks of grilled tofu. The real treat was the mix of sesame seeds, cashews, mint, and ginger sauce that transformed the salad into an Asian delight.

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Mother Earth is one of several bowls that come with the option of adding protein. The picturesque entree was plated with care. At the center was a mix of barley and quinoa surrounded by scoops of arugula, diced cucumber dressed in vinegar and sesame seeds, tender cuts of chicken breast that had minimal seasoning, a medley of salty caramelized onions and savory portobello mushrooms, mild pesto blended with pureed broccoli, and thick cuts of sweet potato lathered with a spicy red miso sauce. I wasn’t sure what the proper way to dig into the plate was, but I enjoyed eating most of the heavenly veggies one at a time.

The steak plate was simple and savory. Thin slices of juicy and salty beef came served over a bed of roasted broccoli that had a mild lemon and garlic flavor. Disappointingly, the side of asparagus was mostly soft but fibrous stalks, and I saw only one leafy spear.

The Thai Dye, one of four wraps, came in a hearty multigrain pita-type bread. Thai basil and cilantro were the first ingredients to hit my palate. The tofu was dense and layered in a spicy red paste, but the ensemble was a bit dry overall. The wrap also would have benefitted from more generous portions of avocado, radish, and snap peas. An accompanying olive oil vinaigrette livened everything up.

I didn’t plan on dessert, but the mention of chocolate pudding by one employee left me making room for one guilty pleasure on my otherwise healthy outing. The dense dessert was served with roasted coconut and crushed almonds, and every bite of creamy, chocolate goodness was delightful and not overly rich.

Flower Child offers something for everyone expecting lean meats and lots of veggies. The staff, who were nearly all college-aged, were attentive and polite. They seemed to be genuinely excited to be working there, and I left genuinely excited to stop back.


Flower Child
Thai Dye $10
Steak plate $15
Mother Earth Bowl $15
Avocado toast $7.50
Ginger Miso Crunch $12.20
Chocolate pudding $5


Flower Child, 1616 S University Dr, FW. 682-348-7373. 11am-9pm Mon-Sun.