Fort Worth musician Jaco Furr is volunteering his time to collect donated instruments for the Fort Worth Library's expanded instrument-lending program. Image courtesy Facebook

Local Americana singer-songwriter Jacob Furr is on the hunt for unused instruments. You know, the dusty ones sitting in the back of your closet that yearn to be plucked, bowed, or drummed. Now’s your chance to put that underused guitar or fiddle in the hands of an eager child who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a quality instrument.

Through a new program managed by the Fort Worth Public Library, Fort Worthians can donate instruments that are then lent out like library books. Since the program’s May launch, various instruments have been checked out 140 times, and library staffers are hoping to expand the program.

But they need donations to do that.


“We’ve seen a great response from the community in checking out all of our current instruments,” said music librarian Rita Alfaro. “We were surprised to see demand for certain instruments we weren’t sure there would be a large interest in, like our banjo. We only ordered one to start with, and it immediately had a waitlist.”

Before patrons bring instruments to Fort Worth Central Library (500 W 3rd St, 817-392-7323) or any Fort Worth library to donate, they should submit a form that can be printed at

Alfaro and other library staff will follow up with potential donors and establish a time to evaluate the instrument and finish donation paperwork. Donors must substantiate their own fair market value of donations for tax purposes.

Jacob Furr is volunteering his time to collect instruments for the program. Feel free to DM him if you live in Fort Worth and have one or more instruments to donate.

“Fill out the form at and come find me at a gig. Thursdays from 6pm-9pm at The Post at River East is easiest,” says Furr. “I’ll do a little assessment to make sure it’s playable and then will deliver it to the library for you. This program is such a big deal for beginners who want to explore their creativity with the library!”