Mike Anthony and Rachel Black, hosts of the dating show Zodiac Crush, say astrology and numerology can help singles find true love. Photo courtesy of Agustin Gonzalez

The premiere of Zodiac Crush was treated as a star-studded affair. When show hosts Mike Anthony and Rachel Black stepped out of the limo, the few dozen fans gathered at Four Day Weekend Theater whooped and cheered.

Upstairs, Anthony told me the 90-minute movie is a pilot for a dating show concept he co-created with Michelle Ravitch. While contestants on dating shows typically rely on antics and showmanship to swoon a target man or woman, Zodiac Crush views dating through the lens of astrology. Hosts Anthony and Black try to predict how contestants will do based on their zodiac signs and give post-date commentary about astrological personality types. The show is funny, smart, and informative.

Visiting out-of-towners and locals on holiday break will soon be hitting up bars and turning to smartphone apps to mingle with other singles, so I met up with the show’s co-creators to learn some dating dos and don’ts.

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Why should folks consider astrology when dating?

Anthony: I think it is a great way to start a conversation with new people.

Black: You can say, ‘Hey, are you into Astrology?’ If they aren’t, it can be a joke conversation starter. ‘Oh, you are a Libra, so you want to be a lover?’ That’s a conversation starter right there. Whenever you meet someone who knows astrology, too, it’s an instant connection. There are so many ways to use astrology to make pickup lines and sprinkle in something fun.

Where can folks learn the basics of astrology?

Black: There are a lot of apps. Co-Star is the main one. I prefer TimePassages.

Anthony: Co-Star is very easy to use. It has social media features [like chat options] too. I love collecting old books on this stuff. I have books from the 1800s on astrology and numerology. Everyone is a combination of all 12 signs but in different sequences.

Black: Whenever I got really deep in astrology, it was through YouTube. There are so many creators who just do videos on astrology. When I was single, I would watch compatibility videos on YouTube. That’s where I learned a lot. It’s a blueprint for figuring out who you are, like a compass.

What if you are in a dating relationship with someone who isn’t a good match astrologically.  Can you work through that, and what does it take?

Anthony: I think you can work through it. There will be more challenges and more lessons. Sometimes, you need to go through those hard lessons to enjoy the easier relationships better.  Knowing that you have those conflict points helps you talk about it.

Black: There can be challenging pairings. Cancer and Aries are a challenge because it’s fire and water. Virgo and Aquarius are probably not a great match. [Those differences] would be apparent in your communication style. Even if you take astrology out, you still have personality types to contend with. Say you communicate impulsively, and I communicate slowly. So how do we work with one another to see eye to eye? Astrology can be a guide. Initial incompatibility can be fun, too. At the end of the day, it’s love. There are obstacles. If you have that love, it’s like you are on an adventure. It’s us against the world. Having tough conversations deepens connections. If everything is easy, you don’t have that extra layer of depth. That’s how we bond, by overcoming things.

On the show, you factor in something called life path numbers. What are they, and how do they work into dating preferences?

Anthony: That’s numerology. It looks at your ambition in life and where you are going to be heading in life. This dates back to ancient Babylon. Numerology isn’t that well known. I wanted to introduce people to it through my show. Numerology reads you like a book. It validates what you are doing.

Finally, give us some general dating tips.

Black: Don’t think that your value or worth depends on how someone thinks of you. How someone reacts reflects more on them than you as a person. I feel like dating can be hard because it hits your self-esteem a lot, especially if you have had a hard time. The holidays can be especially emotional. Staying firm in who you are and not changing yourself to please someone else is important. Be proud of who you are and don’t take things personally if someone rejects you. I like to encourage people, because rejection is literally part of the process. To succeed, we have to fail.

Anthony: I think a great first date could be over coffee. Put on your ugly Christmas sweater and go for it.

Black: I feel like exciting dates that are not the norm leave more of an impression. We are in the Sagittarius season. It’s all about going forth, being exciting, and having the energy of a little kid wanting to explore. This time of year is about being bold.

Anthony: It’s worth waiting to find the right person. I wouldn’t jump into a relationship too fast. Find someone who matches and aligns with what you want to do in life.

Black: Sagittarius energy is not about settling. It’s about going forth. If something doesn’t align, on to the next. There are many fish in the sea. Eventually, you’ll find your one true centaur.

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This article has been updated to correctly state the name of one of the show’s co-founders.