Blader Chad Hornish catches some big air at Dickies Skate Plaza at Fire Station Park. Photo by Gino Gotelli.

It’s summer, so make sure to keep the thermostats at a crisp, cool 78 degrees to prevent our grid from collapsing — again. Thank you. And while you’re pleasing the assholes in Austin, take that small pile of coins you’ll be saving from living in sweat both outdoors and indoors over the next few months and visit all of the wonderful restaurants, retailers, and cultural institutions in ye olde Fort Worth. They’ve got a lot for offer and never for too much moolah. It’s Fort Worth, after all. Not Austin. (Yet.)

The Summer Edition is intended for temporary timelessness, if that makes sense. (It doesn’t.) You should tuck it underneath your arm and carry it everywhere you go like a trust fund baby’s Black AmEx card now through September. There’s lots of fun stuff inside. Great new local tunes and electrifying touring shows, all the summer blockbusters on the big screen, refreshing cocktail recipes, amazing museum exhibits, great grilling tips, spectacular plays and musicals — our Summer Edition’s got you covered. You should be getting it not just every week but every (sweltering) day. — Anthony Mariani


Scooter Korbin Burch enjoys the new Dickies Skate Plaza at Fire Station Park as any self-respecting summer lover should.
Photo by Gino Gotelli.