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Sports have been an accompanying activity for ages for people who want to engage in them or those who only want to watch matches and cheer for those playing. Many professional sportsmen and sportswomen compete in certain racing sports and then win in the end. The road to victory is often filled with struggles and challenges, which are often portrayed in books written by them or a ghostwriter.

There are many kinds of sports-related books out there with content including simple concepts like the definitions of soccer terms, instructions on how to play the game, and the evolution of certain sports. What we will discuss today goes beyond that. The books presented below do not simply talk about sports but also about the famous people who make sports worth watching and who are an inspiration but also leave a lasting impact, especially on aspiring youngsters.


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“The Boys in the Boat” by Daniel James Brown

The first book on the list we recommend for you to read is about the sport of rowing. This inspirational non-fiction book, published in 2013, was written by Daniel James Brown and covers the true story of the University of Washington rowing team who took part in the Olympics of 1936 in Berlin, Germany. In this book, we see the characters who face many hardships but follow the same dream, that of triumph. One of the main struggles they face is related to the country of America, the Great Depression. Thus, the reader is also offered a glimpse of the socio-historical context of the time.

However, their dream and determination are unwavering. It is exactly this dream that keeps them together and is one of the main themes of the story itself. After everything the characters go through, the story culminates with the team’s triumph at the Olympics, which also teaches anyone that arduous work brings success. As a result, the book itself is about more than just the sport of rowing. It is more about the difficulties of life and the importance of always keeping to a set goal and a clear mind towards success. The film adaptation will be launched by the end of 2023.


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“Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game” by Michael Lewis

From rowing, we move to baseball. Michael Lewis’ Moneyball, a non-fiction book, came out in 2003 and talks about the Oakland Athletics baseball team. The book focuses on the baseball game and its structure, as well as the techniques for winning the game. One of the most prominent norms that Michael defies in this book is unconventional methods. The book offers insight into the Oakland Athletics organization and how the team adapted and innovated new game-winning ways.

One of the main aspects this book introduces to the reader is sabermetrics which Bill James first introduced. Sabermetrics is the method of scrutinizing a player’s performance by using statistical metrics to discover the player’s hidden talent. More or less, the book opposes all of the ideas of baseball that were taught ever since the 1940s, or after World War II, when even baseball players such as Joe DiMaggio joined the army.


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“Open” by Andre Agassi

We shall now move to tennis with the autobiography of the famous and iconic Andre Agassi, published in 2009. As one might expect, the book is written in first person as Agassi covered everything from his childhood to his professional career. The most interesting thing about this book is the honest and deeply personal narrative that Agassi decided to write. He focuses on the pressure he faced at the beginning of his career as a young tennis player. Apart from that, the attention to this physical and mental demand that tennis requires for professional players is brought up throughout the book.

In addition to this personal revelation, Agassi also gives the reader an idea of what the culture of tennis is like when mentioning the fame that comes with it, the rivals, and the politics surrounding it. By unraveling all this information, Agassi gives out his opinion or conclusions that he had drawn on every aspect of the game. By doing so, Agassi gives his critical view on all these things but also lets the reader know how all these things have impacted his life. To those interested, the book is available for purchase here.

The three books listed above provide readers with various narratives, covering three types of sports and examining themes like success, tenacity, companionship, and self-discovery. The world of sports is full of fascinating tales, amazing accomplishments, and insightful observations on how the main characters, the sportsmen and sportswomen, deal with everything related to sports throughout their lifetime.