Liam Benzvi: “I really just want to get tuned in with the music scene and spend time with my wife.” Courtesy Facebook

Excited, happy, and a bit relieved. That’s how motivational pop artist Liam Benzvi summed up his feelings just one day after his wedding.

“We drank a little beer and had a fun time,” the 27-year-old said. “The ceremony lasted around 20 minutes, and then we partied. With an hour left in the night, the DJ played a few of my songs.”

Benzvi said he was humbled to find that roughly 100 guests knew the words to his tunes. The Frisco native dived into motivational pop during the pandemic to help his fans and anyone else listening weather that brutal period.


“I love helping people,” he said. “Music, to me, is therapy. I want to be that person who helps people get better.”

The aptly named “Gets Better” has been Benzvi’s most popular release, and it garnered more than 100,000 listens across major streaming platforms. The song is about how self-doubt can cloud your judgment.

“Throughout the song, I explained how negative thoughts are temporary,” he said. “That song paved the way for me. I connected with so many people.”

The pop singer-songwriter’s new single, “I’m Lost,” will be released Friday, Sep. 22, via major streaming platforms and possibly include a local release party. Produced by Christian Ponder (Basement Ghost, Eddy Dre, EMOtional Xan) and recorded at Flip A Switch Studios in Dallas, the single is a reflection on life as a twentysomething.

“I basically wrote that song because of the things that I’m personally going through,” he said, referring to the general economic hardships facing millennials like himself. “I’m five months from turning 28. A person my age can’t afford to buy a house. Then there’s the price of groceries and rent. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t know what direction I need to focus on, whether that’s building my finances or music career. There are so many distractions that life throws at you. It’s hard to know which direction you should put more effort into.”

Benzvi plans to collaborate with local music influencers to churn up interest in his new single that will be licensed for airplay.

“Now that my wedding is over, I can focus on my music career,” he said. “I have a good fan base in Fort Worth, but I also have fans in my hometown of Frisco. I plan to start performing at music festivals and other concerts.”

Twenty-seven is still young, and Benzvi said he has to remind himself to enjoy the journey. He readily admits that he’s reached many of his musical goals: regular performances, song releases, large streaming listenership. Although he doesn’t preach, he evokes God in his newest release.

“I feel like God tests you,” he said, and that “everything happens for a reason. I have a very good job right now that helps fund the music. I’m trying to home in on the craft, perfect my skills, and work with other artists. I really just want to get tuned in with the music scene and spend time with my wife.”