Bartlett: “We are ecstatic. The bands are excited, too.” Photo courtesy of Joe Tacke

Finally, all of the artists that Singing Hearts has worked with since the company formed four years ago will be put on wax.

Until then, Singing Hearts/The Early Years, Vol. 1 will hit all streaming platforms Friday.

Singing Hearts, the brainchild of Johndavid Bartlett, Casey Stanislaw, and Joe Tacke, is a production company/consulting service to “help people get heard,” Bartlett said.


The timing of Vol. 1 is right, he added. “When we started to develop some new projects, I thought it was time that some past projects get a spotlight.”

Tracks by Denver Williams & The Gas Money, Bruce Magnus, and Jenna Clark, plus a live recording of Williams’ former psych-rock outfit Chillamundo, will make up the LP.

Vol. 1 is $10 but free to stream. Bartlett and company intend to release more Singing Hearts material in the fall.

“We are ecstatic,” Bartlett said. “The bands are excited, too. I think it’s important that artists have direct connections to the platforms they use to get their music out with a human connection. Singing Hearts is about the artists.”

Update: An earlier version of this story incorrectly listed the participating artists. We regret the error.