Diversity in policing provides strength and an undeniable bond with the community. Courtesy Lake Worth PD

During our quest to find content across every aspect of local life featuring women for this issue, we heard from J.T. Manoushagian, the Chief of Police at the Lake Worth Police Department (3805 Adam Grubb St, 817-237-1224). He let us know that they employ women at a rate of twice the national average. Impressive.

“We have also prioritized the advancement of women in policing by supporting professional development. This has resulted in women being represented in nearly every level and specialty within our department,” says Manoushagian. This includes female officers working in the K-9, school resource, criminal investigations/task force, and patrol units in staff and supervisory positions.

Highlighting and honoring women in law enforcement is important and the benefits of hiring/retaining more women in policing have numerous benefits for the community. Having reviewed research conducted in the United States and internationally about the topic, Manoushagian finds six things to be true.



Six Benefits of Having Women in Law Enforcement

1.) Female officers are as competent as their male counterparts and even excel in certain areas of police performance.

2.) Female officers are less likely to use excessive force.

3.) Female officers are more likely to implement “community-oriented policing.”

4.) More female officers will improve law enforcement’s response to violence against women.

5.) Increasing the presence of female officers reduces problems of sex discrimination and harassment within law enforcement agencies.

6.) The presence of women can bring about beneficial changes in policy for all officers.

In the military, “Got your six” means “I’ve got your back.” The saying originated with World War I fighter pilots referencing a pilot’s rear as the six o’clock position. It is now a ubiquitous term that’s come to represent loyalty and cooperation. It sounds like female officers will definitely “have your six”!

As perhaps the most diverse police department in all of North Texas, Lake Worth PD is made up of people from many races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. “Our diversity is what gives us strength and an undeniable bond with our community.”

While positions are not available all the time, if you’re interested in joining the team, visit and click Police Hiring & Recruitment.

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Chief Manoushagian and friends at a recent Coffee-With-A-Cop event.
Courtesy Lake Worth PD