World Cup Update (The This Isn’t England Edition)

The Worst Hair of World Cup 2018

There is always a lot of competition for the bad hair team in any professional soccer environment. In England alone, fans have marveled through...

Sports Rush: Adjustments From Australia

When an athlete moves from one team to another, he or she has a number of adjustments to make. Some come on the court,...

World Cup Update (The Pura Vida Edition)

KL: Our film crew wasn’t back from his well-merited 4th of July holiday in time to film our update of the World Cup quarterfinal...
Fort Worth Vaqueros vs. Brownsville at Farrington Field

Sports Rush: A Soccer Team You Could Support

Soccer is on a lot of people’s minds right now. Well, admittedly maybe not quite as many as if their home XI had made...

World Cup Update (The Dropping Like Flies Edition)

Using the Force

Sports Rush: Sports Are A, Perhaps The, Force

Last Tuesday, I found myself in an eating/drinking establishment watching a heated contest on the television. Literally heated, as in two fencers dueling it...

World Cup Update (The Messi and Messier Edition)


Sports Rush: Giving Basketball Multiple Looks

The sport of basketball offers endless permutations. In this video interview I talked about three of them with T.J. Cline. We discussed: Youth basketball...