Strange Tribute

Posted July 14, 2009 by Jimmy Fowler in Blotch

Regular viewers of NBC Channel 5 by now know that veteran TV reporter Brett Johnson died unexpectedly and far too young from pancreatitis over the weekend. I’d seen many of his reports over the years, and he always came across as a big sweet bear of a guy who loved every minute of his work. He’ll be missed by loved ones and strangers alike.

What I don’t get – among the tearful Channel 5 video tributes being offered by friends and colleagues – was this strange tidbit offered by Mayor Moncrief on tonight’s 6pm newscast. A typically sour-looking Moncrief stated that Johnson would always be remembered as a fan of The Beatles and country and western music. He was “always a music enthusiast, sometimes more so than some folks were comfortable with.”


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    Hilarious: I think Mayor Mikey had popped one too many Xanax that afternoon.

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