FW’s Trannie Budget Crisis

Posted November 9, 2009 by Jimmy Fowler in Blotch

Lots of people are preening with moral outrage that FW city leaders will consider covering gender reassignment surgery in the employee health plans. That’s only one in a list of 20 recommendations by a post-Rainbow Lounge raid task force, but it’s the one with the juiciest mob appeal: A scapegoat must be found for another torch-lit “traditional values” crusade, or next year’s harvest will be blighted. And transgenders – many of whom are outsiders even in the gay and lesbian community – make very easy targets.

Just look at those freaks! They are immediately distinguishable from real people and certainly have no connection to staunch conservatives.

After a few conversations with pre-op, post-op, and no-op transgender people over the years, I’d like to offer smelling salts to the Tarrant County Republican Party: Even if gender reassignment surgery was covered under city employee health plans – and I seriously doubt that will happen in the foreseeable future – a stampede of selfish, excitable trannies isn’t quietly waiting to pillage the city budget. A tiny portion of the general population pursues painful surgical and hormonal methods to relieve so-called gender identity disorder, and that’s only when they feel their lives cannot continue unless their bodies match their mental, emotional, and – some say – spiritual understanding of themselves. This is way more complex – and far, far more unusual – than botox at a Fort Worth Republican Women’s gala.

But since local right-wingers are so concerned about the budget-busting effects of sexual health treatments in a dire recession, I trust they’ll also campaign vigorously against Viagra, Cialis, and other erectile dysfunction treatments being covered as taxpayer-funded city benefits. Popular pharmaceutical shortcuts for achieving “the one gun salute” are a much bigger drain on the city budget than rare gender reassignment surgeries ever could be. C’mon, boys – no more boners on the public dole!


    eric pierce

    I don’t have a problem with domestic partners (same sex or not) being able to get covered. I do however have a huge problem with “gender identity disorder”. Just as a woman with “small breast syndrome” cannot get a covered tit-job, neither should a tranny get a covered reasignment surgery just ’cause they don’t feel right inside. It’s elective surgery folks, shut up and pay up!

    Obama's Seat


    It’s not elective surgery, it’s “sexual health treatments”.

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