Wondering Whatever Happened To Jeff Crilley

Posted December 10, 2010 by Jeff Prince in Blotch

Ever wonder what happened to Jeff Crilley, the longtime FOX 4 TV news reporter who disappeared a couple years back?



Nah, I hadn’t thought about him either.

But lately I’ve been getting emails from him. Which reminds me, I gave him a bunch of crap several years back when he began selling a book called “Free Publicity.” There wasn’t anything wrong with the book — it was actually quite informative for anyone seeking insider information on how to get news coverage.

My problem with it: Crilley was a working member of the news media at the time. It seemed shady to be working in the news industry while selling a book to people to tell them how to get covered in the news.

My criticism had such a powerful impact (not really) that Crilley left TV news and created Dallas-based Real News Public Relations, a PR company made up of former North Texas newscasters such as Scott Murray, Jeff Brady, Clif Caldwell, Angela Hale, Susan Risdon, and Rebecca Rodriguez.

The reason I bring all this up is that Crilley writes a media helpline these days called The Rundown. Geared toward news types, his emails share tips regarding a hodgepodge of events and stories in North Texas.

As Crilley explains, “I get up early and do the reading and watching for you.”

He’s apparently been doing this for a while but I’m just now noticing his emails. I haven’t found a news lead yet that’s prompted me to pursue a story, but it’s nice that Crilley is trying to make my job easier. Thanks Jeffy!

And it’s also nice that he’s a fullblown PR man now instead of a PR/journalist who straddles the fence.

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    mark c

    Wondering Whatever Happened To Jeff Crilley?

    He’s still serving Satan.


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