Ever wonder what happened to Jeff Crilley, the longtime FOX 4 TV news reporter who disappeared a couple years back?


Nah, I hadn’t thought about him either.

But lately I’ve been getting emails from him. Which reminds me, I gave him a bunch of crap several years back when he began selling a book called “Free Publicity.” There wasn’t anything wrong with the book — it was actually quite informative for anyone seeking insider information on how to get news coverage.


My problem with it: Crilley was a working member of the news media at the time. It seemed shady to be working in the news industry while selling a book to people to tell them how to get covered in the news.

My criticism had such a powerful impact (not really) that Crilley left TV news and created Dallas-based Real News Public Relations, a PR company made up of former North Texas newscasters such as Scott Murray, Jeff Brady, Clif Caldwell, Angela Hale, Susan Risdon, and Rebecca Rodriguez.

The reason I bring all this up is that Crilley writes a media helpline these days called The Rundown. Geared toward news types, his emails share tips regarding a hodgepodge of events and stories in North Texas.

As Crilley explains, “I get up early and do the reading and watching for you.”

He’s apparently been doing this for a while but I’m just now noticing his emails. I haven’t found a news lead yet that’s prompted me to pursue a story, but it’s nice that Crilley is trying to make my job easier. Thanks Jeffy!

And it’s also nice that he’s a fullblown PR man now instead of a PR/journalist who straddles the fence.


  1. I have met Jeff Crilley, He did something for me a few years back, and I think he is a GOOD Guy, and getting publicity is just another form of Marketing. It has been done ever since they invented the printing press, maybe even longer. As long as it is he TRUTH so be it. Bob Burnitt