Star-Telegram’s Best Boo Boo

Posted March 28, 2011 by Jeff Prince in Blotch


The Fort Worth Star-Telegram bragged on itself in this article after being named the best online newspaper by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors.

And there’s an editing error in the first paragraph.

The lede notes that “staffers members won three first-place awards.”

Hey, mistakes can happen at a place where thousands of words are churned out on a daily basis under tight deadlines. Add in all the layoffs and buyouts over there and you know it’s tough.

But an editing error in the first paragraph of a story about being the editors’ favorite newspaper is pretty dang funny.

P.S. I sure hope I didn’t make an editing mistake while I was busting the Star-T‘s chops in this post.

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    Someone at the Star-Telegram noticed the mistake (or read my post) and corrected the editing error. Yay!

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