Fort Worth Home To Hottest Sex Offenders

Posted May 13, 2011 by Jeff Prince in Blotch


The Houston Press raised a stink yesterday when it blogged about “The 10 Hottest Women On The Texas Sex Offenders List.”

Many readers were outraged because they thought it taboo to describe sex offenders as hot, or to make light of a crime that involves children, and so they wanted the writer to be fired and/or castrated and burned at the stake.

The writer issued an explanation and apology later. Seems he was doing a public service by letting everyone know that not all sex offenders are big ugly men. Some are pretty women. Or something like that.

Lost in all the furor is the fact that two of the 10 convicted predators on the list hail from Fort Worth — Sharon Faubion and Karen Brown. Based on this admittedly small sampling, 20 percent of the “hottest” women sex offenders live here in Cowtown.


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