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“Earthlings” at 1919 Hemphill

Jimmy Fowler
Animal lovers and passionate vegetarians probably don’t need another excuse to be outraged, but 1919 Hemphill will provide one with the 7pm Sunday (June 19) screening of Earthlings, a 2005 documentary feature narrated by Joaq...

Snap! Driller Removes Yard Sign

Jeff Prince
A woman who lives on the east side of Fort Worth came home to find a gas driller’s sign stuck in her yard without her permission, smack dab beside her “Just Say No To Urban Gas Drilling” sign. She wasn’t...

Every Breath You Take

Jeff Prince
It’s nice when neighbors keep an eye out for trouble and respond when they see it. East sider Suzette Watkins was concerned when she saw a tanker truck parked beside East Lancaster Avenue near the 287 overhead, with a hos...

The Real Scoop on Selena

Jimmy Fowler
Pop sprite and Grand Prairie native Selena Gomez told a Dallas-based radio show that junk food is responsible for her recent hospitalization. Um, right. I thought Disney Channel starlets thrived on a diet of Jolly Ranchers and ...

Two Cool Women Spread Love Of Art

Jeff Prince
Despite it’s reputation for stockyards and slaughterhouses, Fort Worth artists were on the cutting edge of modern art in Texas during the mid-20th century. Since then, people who grew up around here recall school trips to...

Film Shorts

OPENING: Beautiful Boy (R) Maria Bello and Michael Sheen star in this drama as a married couple dealing with the fallout after their college-student son (Kyle Gallner) goes on a shooting rampage at school before taking his own ...

Unleashing a Flood of Questions

Opponents say officials are bypassing serious questions about the Trinity River Vision Project.
Dan Mcgraw
What a difference a decade makes. It was about that long ago that that the Tarrant Regional Water District and City of Fort Worth gave the go-ahead to what would become the Trinity River Vision, an ambitious project intended no...

Night & Day

WED ? 15 With Midnight in Paris playing at the Modern this week and the Picasso/Braque show at the Kimbell, the Cultural District is the place to be for lovers of French culture between the world wars. You can get even more of ...

Hoist By Their Own Arguments

A Texas oil-and-gas lawyer who probably figured he was using a crafty defense technique during a recent deposition may have shot his whole industry — or local governments — in the foot.

Road Shows

Big Ticket
With the summer heat going at full blast, now’s a good time for the two special movie events going on this week. Movie houses have recently been reaching out to theater fans by showing Broadway performances, but what makes th...