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Tu Hai Times

This little Viet eatery just keeps getting better with age.
The tiny Tu Hai location opened in Haltom City about 20 years ago. Original owner Jimmy Ho died in November 2009, and his three sons have been running the place ever since. Newer and fancier Vietnamese eateries have opened near...

The Universal Answer is Both, Alan

Five years have gone into the new album by Chris Hardee’s vehicle.
Not everyone can make weird seem sweet, endearing, possibly even cool. Check that: Most people who are outwardly weird are scary. You fear for them if not fearing for your life in their very presence. But ask anyone who knows C...

Film Shorts

OPENING: Cowboys & Aliens (PG-13) Jon Favreau’s adaptation of a comic book is about an alien invasion in an Arizona town in 1873, starring Daniel Craig as an amnesiac stranger who holds the key to defeating the aliens. Al...

Steppin’ in It

Last Call
Last Tuesday, I skipped out on watching Big Mike at The Moon to get out of my comfort zone and try something new, which is why I found myself walking down a set of stairs into Bar 9’s basement. See, back in June, I picked up ...

Economic Indicators

Shitty economy? What shitty economy? Of course, I’m just being cute (which isn’t hard for me, what with my pigtails, unicorn-emblazoned Trapper Keeper, and all). The shitty economy is no laughing matter. But perhaps our tee...

Cal’s State: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

A great cast saves this romance from itself.
Not so long ago, a movie like Crazy, Stupid, Love. would have been released at the height of Oscar season and touted for awards. This dramedy set squarely in middle-class American life recalls the 2000 Best Picture-winning Amer...

A Widow Needs A Little Help

Jenna Fischer finally gets the starring role in this indie drama.
Steve Carell isn’t the only star of TV’s The Office with a movie out this week. Jenna Fischer charmed millions of viewers portraying the sweetly downtrodden receptionist on that show, but she’s never come close to having ...

School Bullies

The Fort Worth district’s culture of intimidation goes far beyond the classroom.
Last month, Fort Worth schools trustees voted to broaden the district’s antidiscrimination policy to include “gender identity and expression” for students. The change is designed to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and tra...


Firehouse Art Gallery
Whether depicting soap bubbles, foreign landscapes, undersea creatures, or the architecture of the Gaylord Texan, Vince McCall’s photographs are striking studies in color.

Women on Boards

Big Ticket
Written as a 60th birthday present for a member of the board of directors at Seattle’s ACT Theatre, Becky’s New Car has had a successful life among regional theater companies since its premiere in 2008. Inspired by a ground...