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The Bard in Tweetland

Lauren and Jason Morgan honor Shakespeare with irreverence and year-round work.
On the 447th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth in April, an arts blogger for a West Virginia newspaper wrote that the Elizabethan playwright had aimed his work at the masses, not the elite: “If he were alive today, he’d ...

Southside Hoagies

This Near Southside veteran offers just enough surprises to remedy chain burnout.
With the Near South Side’s recent emergence as a hip destination, you’ve got to wonder how many people remember the area anchored by Magnolia Avenue before the boom. Not so long ago, the Chat Room Pub and Benito’s restaur...

Hey, Sailor, Want to Share Some Cow Brains?

Chow, Baby
I am a taco slut, always have been. I’m not talking about the kind of tacos you get at gringo-friendly margarita-sopapilla-raise-the-flag Tex-Mex places (though I adore them too). I mean the real deal: tacos filled with assor...

The Next Wave

Big Ticket
The Lois Weber Film Festival in Grand Prairie is devoted to movies directed by women. Looking over the selections on offer, you might be struck by how little the films have in common. Yet no one would bat an eyelash if a festiv...

It Takes A Village in Keller To Say Hell To The No

Jeff Prince
It takes a village to raise a child — believe me, I know. I don’t have children but my biggest tax bill comes from the school district, so I’ve helped educate many other people’s snot-nosed darlings over...

“Wittenberg” at Amphibian

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Stage” page is a review of Wittenberg, a bawdy comedy about religion and philosophy that’s enjoying an excellent Southwest premiere by Amphibian Productions. Playwright David Davalos’ script imagines what...

Public Art Panel Discussion Tonight (Tue)

Anthony Mariani
Public art project manager for Fort Worth Public Art, Anne Allen will moderate a discussion among three of town’s most esteemed artists –– photorealist Daniel Blagg, painter Benito Huerta, and sculptor Michael Pavlovsky ...

“Jackie Brown” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
I’m not a big Quentin Tarantino fan, but his best movie by far is 1997’s underrated Jackie Brown. It proved he had the discipline to generate real suspense with a twisty plot and unpredictable characters rather than rely on...

Wired Willy’s Set to Open

Anthony Mariani
The latest entry into Clubland in the West 7th corridor, Wired Willy’s is opening on Wednesday. Located between 7th Haven and Poag Mahone’s at 710 Carroll St., Wired Willy’s is small (1,400 square feet) and upscale, offer...

Post-Women’s World Cup Thoughts

Kristian Lin
That was a pretty great game, wasn’t it? Well, except for the ending. Here’s what I learned: Japan are deserving winners We heard so much about USA’s determination and resiliency and will to win, and while non...