It takes a village to raise a child — believe me, I know.

I don’t have children but my biggest tax bill comes from the school district, so I’ve helped educate many other people’s snot-nosed darlings over the years.

You’re welcome.


Anyway, Keller voters got fed up with what they considered a fiscally irresponsible school district and voted down a proposed school tax rate increase. Keller school officials said the voter rejection will result in 240 layoffs and cuts in service.

A group called KISD Families for Fiscal Responsibility pushed for voters to reject the tax increase.

Now the Keller school district is saying parents will have to spend hundreds of dollars each year to put their beloved babies on the school bus.

Parents aren’t happy about that. After all, bus rides have always been “free.”

So here’s my point. Families with children helped vote down the tax rate increase. And now parents are being asked to pay for bus service for their children, and they’re whining about how unfair it is.

I seldom complain about school taxes because I believe in providing a solid education for children and keeping this old world from sinking too much farther into Idiocracy. But it sounds ungrateful to hear parents bitching about having to pay extra for their children’s bus service, when childless adults have been paying money out the wazoo to help pay for education and bus rides all these years.

Money’s tight. I wouldn’t want to have to reach into my pockets and try to find an extra $300 or $400 either. Maybe that’s why studies show that a steadily growing number of couples have voluntarily chosen to go childless during the past 50 years.

As these couples grow in number and their willingness to continue subsidizing education for other people’s children wanes, they might become more organized and resist school taxes or maybe even change laws to freeze their taxes like elderly people have done.

You can bet you’ll hear some whining from parents then.


  1. Think about all the parents who send their children to private schools like Nolan Catholic school. They still have to pay public school taxes even though they are paying private tuitions for their own children. That’s unfair.

  2. Maybe the voters would not have voted against a tax hike if the school district spent the money well. $90,000 on varsity jackets?? Really? I had to pay for my out of my own pocket. Paying for lunch room monitors??? Where are the teachers? I remember my teacher was our lunch room monitor. More fiscal responsibilty would go a long way. School buses should remain free, every child should get an education, it’s not the child’s fault.

  3. The school district wastes money, taxpayers refuse to pay more money to cover all the waste, and so the schools make them pay anyway by charging them extra fees. The parents still have to pay but the school employees that waste the money get to keep on working and wasting. Homeschooling is starting to sound better all the time.

  4. Here is the conspiracy. Now that KISD had failed to extract more $$, they are denying a vital transportation service at a rate HIGHER than the tax increase would have been on the mythical typical house. Their hope is to upset those who now have to PAY ANYWAY to compare the cost of bus service with the cost of the tax increase to see if they are better off voting FOR IT the next time KISD floats the vote. Sad part is KISD HAS the $$ to provide free bus service in their savings account – OUR MONEY in THEIR account yet they hold the kids and parents hostage. And don’t forget the 949k for two snack bars at school stadiums, 1.9+ mil for a PRESS BOX and stadium upgrade, 1.5 MIL for ASTRO TURF in additional to all the other waste…..Mark my words, they are punishing you and they WILL BE BACK to see if you have LEARNED YOUR LESSON!

  5. Nah, those parents who choose to send their children to private schools “like Nolan Catholic school” have made a choice. Paying taxes and tuition (especially one by choice) is not unfair.

  6. Thanks for the help sending the girls through school Jeff, but if your paying for a school, it should be the School of Rock!!!!