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Evolving at 1919

The Southside DIY venue is an (underground) labor of love.
Jimmy Fowler | Photos by Willex Tindell
It’s not the kind of place that, at first glance, would make parents want to let their teenagers hang out for an evening. Inside the small two-story building on Fort Worth’s South Side, battered, dingy couches sit below ban...

Happy 10th, Bonnell’s

Though this fine-dining staple has been around a while, it’s just getting cookin’.
Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. A decade of existence in the same southwest Fort Worth location is impressive, especially considering that, 10 years ago, “fine Texas cuisine” was s...

Granbury Was Berry, Berry Good to Baby

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby was born with an insatiable wanderlust. Cruelly, I wasn’t also born into a wealthy family that could satisfy my fantasies of summering in France. Still, I do my best at exploration — meaning, generally, places wi...

Caine is Working Stiff

Fort Worth novelist Rachel Caine spins another fempowered adventure yarn.
Earlier this year, the Weekly ran a cover story on Fort Worth-based urban fantasy novelist Rachel Caine, whose real name is Roxanne Longstreet Conrad. After publishing many books under various pen names in the ’90s, Conrad hi...


Brand 10 Artspace
It’s your last week to catch several of the Fall Gallery Night shows, including the one at Brand 10 Artspace egotistically (and ungrammatically) called Selfless. Selfish. Selfiness. The show of works by Terri Thornton, Tiffan...

Street Scenes

Big Ticket
Caravaggio! The very name quickens the pulse of art lovers who know the 17th-century Italian artist’s canvases. His dramatically lit tableaux depict biblical scenes with characters in contemporary dress. The live models used ...

Jacksboro Highway Out With Old, In With What?

Jeff Prince
I took the above photo in January and posted it on Blotch under the headline “Jacksboro Highway Like Time Travel.” The oldtime view from the Conoco station near the corner of Jacksboro Highway and Beverly Hills Driv...

Indie Film Seeks Interns

Jimmy Fowler
The producers of a Christopher Guest-style comic mockumentary called Wonder Kids will be filming at various locations in Fort Worth and Dallas Oct 13-19. The cast includes Dallas-based stage and film actor (and occasional Stage...

The Egg Rolls Of Wrath

Jeff Prince
“Damn foreigners coming over here and stealing our jobs and using up our resources. Why don’t they just stay in their own country? Turn around and git!” No, that’s not the Tea Party’s latest bumper...

Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Jeff Prince
On my way to work this morning, I noticed the remnants of a mishap. Seems that somebody veered off the road near my house and sideswiped a tree. The impact tore off the vehicle’s side mirror, which was still lodged in the...