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Still Riveting

Metalheads keep up the rawk in the Fort.
From behind the steel mesh and pipe of the Rail Club’s stage security fence, Homer Jimenez held a red raffle ticket aloft. The pudgy, silver-haired man waved it in the air, pushing up his glasses toward a pair of eyebrows as ...

7th Annual Texas Music Showdown Tonight

Jeff Prince
The White Elephant Saloon’s 7th Annual Texas Music Showdown begins tonight, and a dozen bands will be competing on Wednesday nights over the next two months. The ultimate winner gets prizes including studio recording time...

No One Here Gets Out Alive

Jeff Prince
The Christian Science Monitor says a giant asteroid is hurtling through space with a decent chance of hitting dear ol’ Mother Earth in February 2040. Add 28 years to your current age — that’s how old you will ...

Arlington Teacher Arrested for What?

Jimmy Fowler
There is something indeed shocking about the Arlington high school teacher who was arrested and is now facing prison time for having consensual sex with two 18-year-old students. The shocking part is that, thanks to state law, ...

Proof God Exists

Jeff Prince
Pancakes are really good. Today they are free at IHOP because it’s National Pancake Day. God exists. P.S. I’m trying to link to IHOP but the connection keeps timing out. I get the feeling millions of people are visi...

Montgomery Plaza Tows 21 Cars

Anthony Mariani
On Friday and Saturday nights, 21 vehicles were towed from Montgomery Plaza in the bustling West 7th Street corridor for being illegally parked, a resumption of a policy that had been suspended in the wake of some controversial...

“Point Break” at 1919

Jimmy Fowler
This is interesting: Tonight (Mon Feb 27), 1919 Hemphill will offer a screening of the 1991 action flick Point Break, which is about an FBI agent who goes undercover at a California beach to investigate a group of bank-robbing...

Fort Worth Rap Video In Reverse

Jeff Prince
This video features streets scenes from around Fort Worth (note the Fort Worth Weekly newspaper racks — yay us!). The video follows a guy who is walking backwards, and then the footage is reversed in the editing. So the g...

David Lowery’s New Music Video

Kristian Lin
If you’re wondering what David Patrick Lowery has been doing since we named his short Pioneer the best locally made film of 2011, here’s the music video he and Toby Halbrooks shot for School of Seven Bells‘ &#...

Update on Palazzolo Case

If the Fort Worth school board thought it was getting rid of the Joe Palazzolo case last week when it voted to pay the former administrator and whistleblower — without his knowledge or input— a year’s back pay as a settle...