Pancakes are really good. Today they are free at IHOP because it’s National Pancake Day.

God exists.

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P.S. I’m trying to link to IHOP but the connection keeps timing out. I get the feeling millions of people are visiting the site to find out about free pancakes. I get the feeling they’ll all be standing in line at the nearest IHOP. I get the feeling I’m blowing off pancakes today.

Does this mean God doesn’t exist?

Hey, I finally got through to IHOP and can link to the free pancake promotion. The site says the pancakes are free, but a donation for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital is encouraged.

In other words, the pancakes aren’t free at all. Unless you’re a heartless skinflint, you will donate much more money than the retail price of the pancakes.

So I guess God exists after all — or at least some nice people who go out of their way to eat pancakes just for an excuse to give money to sick kids.