There is something indeed shocking about the Arlington high school teacher who was arrested and is now facing prison time for having consensual sex with two 18-year-old students. The shocking part is that, thanks to state law, police forcibly entered the personal lives of three adults and charged one of them with a second degree felony for private behavior that is, in almost every other circumstance, perfectly legal.

Look, I have zero prurient interest in 18-year-olds –– they drink too much Red Bull, and their conversational range is usually pretty limited. And if the charges are true, then the teacher should be canned. Schools have vested ethical and legal interests in forbidding this type of interaction. But a police investigation, arrest, trial, and possible prison and a felony rap sheet? That’s very, very wrong.


  1. He was arrested because he broke the law. The law exists to protect people from being sexually exploited by those in positions of authority and power. Had the teacher been involved with 18 year old women who were not his students, nobody would care. Pretty straightforward, if you bother to think about it.