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Fort Worth Smoker Idea Gets Press

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth is considering a ban on hiring smokers, and the nation is wheezing. This MSN report calls the proposal unprecedented  and “draconian.” This FOX News report says the city of Sarasota, Florida considered a...

House Fly Loose In Tarrant County

Jeff Prince
A common house fly was inside my truck cab this morning in Parker County.  I named her Bobbie Sue for some reason. We got along okay for awhile but then she started flying around my head and, well, bugging me. I rolled down my...

Ya’Ke Smith’s “Wolf” at DIFF

Kristian Lin
If you’re in Dallas tonight, you should stop by the Dallas International Film Festival and catch the late screening of Ya’Ke Smith’s Wolf at the Angelika. The UTA professor has been profiled by Fort Worth Week...

The documentary "Marley" opens Friday.

Film Shorts

OPENING: Marley (PG-13) Not a sequel to Marley & Me, this documentary by Kevin Macdonald (Touching the Void) profiles the life and music of Bob Marley. (Opens Friday in Dallas) Chimpanzee (G) Alastair Fothergill and Mark Li...

The Swimsuit Contest Will Never Be The Same

Andrew McLemore
It’s still generally difficult for transgendered females to get married or adopt kids, but thanks to the always opportunistic Donald Trump, they can now compete in a major beauty pageant. After being disqualified from the...


Rotten Roots: The Fort Work Sound

A potentially noteworthy debut will happen on Friday, Apr. 27, at The Grotto (517 University Dr., 817-882-9331), when Rotten Roots will open for Dallas’ Southern-fried Roomsounds and Fort Worthian alt-country rockers Badcreek...

It must be Sunday

Yes to the New Oui?

Eh, Maybe.
Last Call
If there’s an award for the most polarizing personality in Fort Worth, I’d like to nominate Tim Love. Foodies seem to love him, and service industry people seem to hate him. Personally, I don’t have an opinion, because I...


Legion of Doom-kopfs

OK. Tell me if this sounds familiar. There’s this group of Anglo-Americans, mostly well-to-do and some wealthy. They’re not big fans of minorities (especially African-Americans) or the poor. They detest homosexuals. They fe...


Live at the Grocery

Chow, Baby
I remember the first time I walked through the hedge maze that is Central Market (4651 W. Fwy.). It was also the first time I understood how sorely lacking my pantry was in fill-in-the-blank-infused olive oil and organic tortil...

UNT Concert Orchestra performs Wednesday at 7:30pm.

WED ▪ 18 The UNT Concert Orchestra goes all in with Russian music this evening. Clay Couturiaux conducts Rachmaninov’s relatively obscure First Piano Concerto, as well as Borodin’s In the Steppes of Central Asia and Proko...