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Filming Mystics with Mark Hanshaw

A Texas Wesleyan professor travels abroad to document religious practices.
Mark Hanshaw doesn’t sound like a filmmaker. Instead of talking in sales pitches, this professor of religion at Texas Wesleyan University is happy to discuss how various religions’ mystical traditions recognize the holy spi...


Black, Brown, and Seeing Red

The fight for North Texas’ new congressional district has become downright entertaining.
Not since Dallas’ John Wiley Price dubbed Fort Worth the “Aunt Jemima capital of the world” has a politician from the Far East pissed off people in Cowtown so badly. Dallas attorney and politician Domingo Garcia is seekin...


Flashy Tokyo Samurai

Glimpse hibachi done right at this Colleyville standout.
Let’s face it. Hibachi joints have become a cliché. These strip-mall fixtures, with their round-robin seating, lamely punning chefs, and overpriced fish dishes have really overstayed their welcome, right? Most of them? Maybe...

Buster Keaton walks the rails in search of his stolen locomotive in The General, shown at Prairie Fest, Sat.

Prairie Buster

Big Ticket
This year’s Prairie Fest has tripled in size, going from one day to three — one each in March, April, and May — to celebrate spring in Tandy Hills Park and the idea of building cities that exist in better harmony with nat...


Comic Con Pics

Anthony Mariani
I was going to start this post by describing Weekly photog Vishal Malhotra as “intrepid photographer Vishal Malhotra,” but then I remembered a text he sent me Saturday afternoon. He at the annual Dallas Comic Con in Irving....

Johnny Cash Types Make Way To Billy Bob’s

Jeff Prince
If I looked or sounded the least bit like Johnny Cash, I would walk the line directly to Billy Bob’s Texas tonight. The world’s largest honktyonk (along with partner Casa Manana) is hosting a Johnny Cash Sound-A-Lik...

Fort Worth Diocese For Romney

Jimmy Fowler
It’s looking more and more like the Catholic Church hierarchy in America should register with the government as a Republican lobbying organization: Yesterday, more than a dozen Catholic groups –– including the Fort Worth ...

Olive Is Home

Jeff Prince
Here’s a feel-good story to kick off your weekend: Earlier this week Blotch told readers about Olive, the Tandy Hills Natural Area’s unofficial mascot that went missing. Don and Debora Young were heartbroken and did...

Pocket Full of Tunes

Jimmy Fowler
If you haven’t yet caught guitarist extraordinaire Darrin Kobetich performing live tunes from his recently released album The Longest Winter, a good place might be this weekend’s Hip Pocket Theatre fundraiser A Pocket Full ...

Billy Joe Shaver Is A Pistol At Billy Bob’s

Jeff Prince
Billy Joe Shaver hasn’t recorded much since his 2007 arrest for shooting a guy in the face outside of a Texas bar, but he’s got an entertaining CD out now — Live at Billy Bob’s Texas. The album features ...