I was going to start this post by describing Weekly photog Vishal Malhotra as “intrepid photographer Vishal Malhotra,” but then I remembered a text he sent me Saturday afternoon. He at the annual Dallas Comic Con in Irving. Me at home working. “Summer’s line is supa long yo!!!” Summer being fanboy dreamgirl Summer Glau. All I wanted was a measly autograph, but “intrepid” Vishal didn’t have all day to wait in line, or so he claimed. Something about taking pictures for us or something. Feh. (Not surprisingly, the line to meet ultimate fanboy dreamgirl Laura Vandervoort was also exceedingly long, based on the two eyeballs popping out of Vishal’s head.)

Vashal, as he’s lovingly known around the office, also reports that no one, not even media members, was allowed to take photos of the stars (Summer, Laura, Patrick Stewart, Stan Lee, Adam West, and a bunch of other fanboy giants). Apparently, many of the headline guests are contracted with a professional photographer who schedules photo ops during the event, which is a legal way of saying, “Look, nerds, if Summer and Laura stopped to take a photograph with every dude who wanted one –– and that would be every dude on the planet –– the convention would either grind to a standstill or go on for many sleepless days and nights. Just count yourself lucky to be able to momentarily breathe their same air and maybe catch a whiff of their ambrosiac perfume and/or hair conditioner. Nerds.”

Regardless, Vishal and his teammate for the day, Stephen Beatty –– teacher of America’s future by day, frontman for hard-rock monsters Stella Rose by night –– had a good time. Apparently, Stephen bought a bunch of stuff and in mid-spree had to pay a quick visit to Mr. ATM. Ah, the KY-greasy gears of commerce. ’Nuff said.