If I looked or sounded the least bit like Johnny Cash, I would walk the line directly to Billy Bob’s Texas tonight.

The world’s largest honktyonk (along with partner Casa Manana) is hosting a Johnny Cash Sound-A-Like contest to promote the upcoming musical, Ring of Fire, The Music of Johnny Cash.

Entrants are challenged to perform, act, look, and sound like the legendary artist to win the chance to perform at Casa Manana before a showtime in June.


Billy Bob’s Texas says the winner will also receive money, prizes, and a “lifetime of memories.” I’m not sure pretending to be a dead singer in a bar will provide eternal recollections, but it sounds like a fun way to kill an evening.

If you’ve got a deep, rough voice and can half-talk and half-sing with conviction, you got it made.

The contest begins at 7:30 p.m.

This video proves that Cash retained his greatness to the end: