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Here’s Your Hat

Hello, kiddos. Static is your substitute teacher for the day. Today’s lesson is called Bittersweet Irony of Life 101. The Fort Worth school district hired Sylvia Reyna as chief of administration for an annual $160,000 plus pe...


And Your Name Is?

Names are important. If you’re arbitrary and contrary like I am, the words “Fat” or “Daddy” in a bar’s moniker almost guarantee I’ll never set foot inside. I guess what frustrates me the most is what I perceive to...


Rule of Law: The Other Casualty

The recent New York Times article describing Barack Obama’s “Kill List” made for a bumpy read. It’s not your standard Norman Rockwell fare: the president and his picture-perfect family seated at dinner, heads bowed, rec...


Vickery: (B)Eat the Traffic

They should take Molly the Longhorn off Fort Worth’s logo and replace her with an orange traffic cone. The city’s lousy with them these days. I used to be able to fly around all of the Hulen Street traffic by detouring down...

Richard Haratine, Brent Alford, and Chuck Huber star in Trinity Shakespeare Festival’s production of The Merchant of Venice.

Pounds of Flesh

TCU’s Trinity Shakespeare Festival is back, tackling a controversial character.
New York-based stage director Stephen Fried has previously helmed two productions for Texas Christian University’s annual summer Trinity Shakespeare Festival: Macbeth and Much Ado About Nothing. He’s back this year with a v...

Local rapper Kyeyote is recording his sophomore album, For the Love of Ballads, due out this fall. Vishal Malhotra

Here Fur Good

Chicago native and former drug dealer Kyeyote stalks the Fort’s rap scene.
Kye Harry, a Chicago native and relative newcomer to Fort Worth’s rap scene, got his stage name over a few lines of cocaine a little over a decade ago in his hometown. Harry was dealing the drug then, and a regular customer s...

Anable: “Without training, enforcement, and evaluation, policies are just pretty pieces of paper.”  Andrew McLemore

Better on Bullying

Fort Worth school trustees make a strong statement on treatment of LBGT kids.
Without public discussion or argument, the Fort Worth school board took action two weeks ago to give the district one of the most comprehensive policies in the country for protecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT...

Christopher Poteet’s “1:19:16”

Gallery: Casa Manana

Ring of Fire
The Johnny Cash musical may be gone from Casa Mañana, but the Man in Black still prowls the halls. That’s because the theater’s gallery is continuing to exhibit various works inspired by Johnny Cash’s life and music. &nb...


Locked In

Lockheed’s F-35 is on course to cost a trillion dollars — whether we need it or not.
The bold red letters –– ON STRIKE –– etched themselves into the dull grays of an overcast morning. The 20 striking employees of Lockheed Martin marched mostly in silence across Lockheed Boulevard, crossing each time the...

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the SandBurg. Come hungry Chase Martinez

SandBurg’s vs. Belt Buckles

This decadent Burleson joint gets just about everything right.
A new joint has just upped the ante on burgers in Burleson. And if you don’t like burgers, SandBurg’s gourmet sandwiches are pretty special too –– as long as you’re not worried about calories. In a building formerly o...