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Night & Day

WED ▪ 20 Also known as Chef DAT, David Anthony Temple brings his first pop-up restaurant to Fort Worth this evening with Dining in the Park. He’ll create a five-course meal with local seasonal ingredients. Cocktails by The ...


Tough on (Not Reporting) Crime

Tarleton State University administrators thought they were getting a good deal when an administrative law judge let them off with the equivalent of one $27,500 fine for more than 70 violations under the Clery Act, which require...


Rooster Still Roosting

Maybe it was because I went to California last week, or maybe I just didn’t sit in front of Facebook all day like I usually do, but somehow I missed some recent drama between the Wild Rooster’s old boss and its new one. I d...


Cruising the ’Yards

I may be blackballed from the Tex-Mex food critics association for the following confession: I don’t eat Tex-Mex on the North Side very often. Why? Because most of the places I’ve tried just haven’t been that great — a ...

John Storm is expected to remain in prison until June 28, 2013. Naomi Vaughan

Storm Stays in Prison

The former film society director is denied parole.
The former managing director of the Lone Star Film Society won’t be getting out of prison any time soon. A district judge showed leniency during the 2011 sentencing of John Storm, but the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles wa...

John Holt Smith’s “Hubble Oculus #1”

High Voltage

Painter John Holt Smith enlarges photographs until they’re abstract bands of color and then renders the results on aluminum panels. His “Oculus” series does this to pictures of human eyes, turning them into concentric ban...

Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass ride in a vehicle that is not a time machine in "Safety Not Guaranteed."

Safety Not Guaranteed: Grand Plaza

Aubrey Plaza ponders time travel in this dazzling sci-fi comedy.
Every generation needs at least one sarcastic chick. We have Aubrey Plaza, whose bracing vitriol and crack comic timing have livened up films like Funny People and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and especially TV’s Parks and Rec...

Merida encounters a will-o’-the-wisp that leads her to her fate in Brave.

Brave: Scotch Job

Pixar stumbles into mediocrity with this Highlands fable.
Well, everything comes to an end. Brave is Pixar’s 13th animated feature film in 17 years, and it marks the first time I walked out of a Pixar movie feeling disappointed. Many people felt that way about last year’s Cars 2. ...


2012 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards: 10 Years of the 817’s Best

Here are the nominees in our 15th Annual Music Awards, with our festival now in its 10th year.
Fort Worth Weekly Staff and Contributors, Photos by Vishal Malhotra
Why is local, original music such a hard sell? Don’t get me wrong: Lots of people go to local shows and buy local albums and songs, but too many folks seem content just to sit back and swallow whatever they’re spoon-fed by ...

You won’t leave Hemphill’s hungry. Tony Robles

Dive into Hemphill’s

Know what the Near Southsiders know — HR is the real greasy-spoon deal.
Every neighborhood needs a cheap greasy spoon for folks with more hangover than money, the sort of place where the only things that don’t come deep-fried are the plastic tablecloths. Fortunately for Near Southsiders, there ar...