Maybe it was because I went to California last week, or maybe I just didn’t sit in front of Facebook all day like I usually do, but somehow I missed some recent drama between the Wild Rooster’s old boss and its new one. I didn’t see it, so obviously I can’t repeat it, and, frankly, it’s probably unimportant in the grand scheme of Clubland.

However, what is important, or at least interesting, is that the Rooster has new management, brought in from Bar 9 and M Lounge to fire up business at the Cultural District bar/restaurant changed hands. The owners of Bar 9 and M Lounge have taken over the Cultural District bar/restaurant in the hopes of firing up business. Along with the new ownership came new management, as well as the expected employee turnover. M Lounge/Bar 9’s Tino Difranco is running the ship, taking over for the awesome Candice Gordon, who’d been at the bar since it opened three years ago. All but two members of the original staffers have departed for other bars, and since then, rumors have been circling like gulls around a garbage barge.

Out of all the he-said/she-said rumors, one persisted: that the Rooster’s regular live-music schedule was going the way of the eight-track in favor of the pulsing oontz oontz ootnz of dance nights. In particular, I heard that if entertainment expenses could be cut by streaming internet radio or something equally cheap, then the bar would forgo its weekly lineups of rock and country.

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  1. I made a huge goof here. Nothing has changed at the Rooster other than the staff. Same owners, same bookings, and Tino Difranco no longer works at Bar 9. I’m totally sorry for disseminating incorrect info. Now to clean all this egg off my face.

  2. Everything is not the same. Knowing most bars, their owners, and their employees in west side fort worth and surrounding areas, the Rooster was what it was because of their employees and every single person I know says they will not step foot in there again. These are the people that made their business. I could walk in there on any given night and know nearly half the people there and they were all there because they were friends with an employee or with people who were. I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like now. I guess if you are just there and don’t really know west side people you could say its the same but I assure you it is not.