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Open-Armed, Despite All

What if China, flush with its new wealth, opened its doors to mass immigration? It would make sense from an economic and social point of view, because its one-child-per-family policy has produced a young generation far smaller ...


Proof of (Culinary) Life

Chow, Baby
Not that long ago, Chow, Baby was a road warrior, constantly jumping in its topless Jeep to see where the road would take me. Age and neurosis have taken their toll, and I’m less inclined to throw caution to the wind these da...

Scarpia (Michael Chioldi) vows to possess Tosca — during church — in Fort Worth Opera’s production of the Puccini classic.

A Newbie Night at the Opera

Hannibal Lecter and Transformers: looking at opera through fresh eyes.
Anthony Mariani
I liked Fort Worth Opera’s Tosca so much I made my friends go see it. I didn’t really make them go, but I did talk two rock musicians and a Fort Worth Weekly sales rep into humoring me. They didn’t all turn into overnight...

Left to right, Nelder Stewart, Raul Duran, and Carolyn Turner say their former boss set out to discredit them. Sarah Angle

Counseling for Controversy

School district veterans say they were forced out while a supervisor’s friend was hired.
Carolyn Turner and Nelder Stewart say the problems began for them in August 2008. For colleague Raul Duran, it felt like a new front in the fight he’s been waging off and on with the Fort Worth school district for a decade. A...

Cat Snapp’s “I can’t really tell you about it”


Fort Worth Weekly
This Friday you can attend the opening receptions of two new shows at the Center for Visual Arts in Denton. Besides a group exhibition of wood pieces, the venue is showing Cat Snapp’s book and box structures, which you are in...

Alec Baldwin and Tom Cruise get their glam rock on in "Rock of Ages."

Rock of Ages: Playing Jaxx

Big stars sing glam rock hits in this intriguing failure of a musical.
When it debuted on Broadway in 2009, the stage musical Rock of Ages lured metalheads to the theater with a neatly bombastic package of nostalgia for 1980s hair metal music. Now the movie version hits screens peddling the same t...

Omar Sy takes François Cluzet out for a snow day in The Intouchables.

Intouchables: Comédie Noire

France grapples with race beneath the surface of this feted buddy movie.
Officially, France is a colorblind society. Unofficially, many French people of color don’t have access to the same economic and educational opportunities that white people do. This is a big reason why black and Arab youths r...


The Duality of Frank

Local actor and filmmaker Frank Mosley is taking his vision to a bigger stage.
Frank Mosley is always looking for what’s going on behind the eyes — the secrets that two people in a conversation might be withholding, the words that are used to hide rather than reveal. Bearded and slight of stature, fri...

An assortment of scrumptious rolls awaits you at Ninja’s sushi buffet. Chase Martinez

Ninja Rules

Ninja Sushi & Grill isn’t your average Asian buffet.
At first glance, Ninja Sushi & Grill, located just south of The Parks at Arlington mall, looks like any Asian buffet joint. There are hot stations of endless soup, noodles, gyoza, and tempura items and several long buffet t...

Brent Alford is Shylock in Trinity Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.

A Pound of Flesh

Big Ticket
The Trinity Shakespeare Festival goes into full swing this week at TCU with a couple of Shakespeare plays that are grouped in with his comedies, though only one of them fits snugly into that category. That would be The Merry Wi...