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Posted April 23, 2013 by ANTHONY MARIANI in Blotch

Southern Train Gypsy rocks terrifically hard. Kickass song. Great visuals, proving the band has a sense of humor –– more hardcore acts could stand to lighten up a little. “The Healing” is off the band’s sophomore album, The Bastard. Look for it on May 18.

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“Keep Strong Boy” was written by Missing Sibling frontman Drew Gabbert “based solely on Dustin Hoffman’s body language” in The Graduate. Fantastic tune from a thrilling newish band. (And, no, the stockings scene isn’t reenacted.)

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And while you’re spending your weekends in your skinny jeans, guzzling beer, smoking too many damn cigarettes, and loud-talking with your friends over indie-rock at Lola’s or The Grotto, the rest of Fort Worth is dance-walking and pelvic-balloon-popping at OK Corral.

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