CBS 11 News Cuts Off Kratom Comments

Posted December 5, 2013 by Jeff Prince in Blotch

Fort Worth Weekly‘s recent story on kratom perked up readers — 26 commented on the story and several hundred clicked the “like” button. (I just  resisted using a stale Sally Field-Oscar speech “you really like me” joke here; you’re welcome.)

The story looked at the kratom craze and included an interview with a local manufacturer and distributor of the herbal drink that’s been known to ease pain, provide energy, and — woo hoo! — enhance moods for some consumers.

The story also referenced a recent CBS 11 News I-Team report — the “I” allegedly stands for Investigative — that skewered kratom and linked it with designer drugs such as K2.

If you click on the above link to see the I-Team report, you’ll notice no comments at the end of their story.

There used to be comments. Quite a few of them.

But they’re gone now as a Weekly commenter pointed out.

“Jack R” left a comment this morning that minces no words (nor commas and caps):

“Just noticed, the original CBS 11 article, with its laughable 2nd grade journalism, has removed ALL the comments from its viewers on its website, for this article ONLY! Thats right, if for some reason a reporter at CBS 11 does not do their homework, reports a bunch of lies, and cant seem to fact check ANYTHING they report on, its ok. CBS 11 will just disable their comment section for that article. As of 3 days ago, there was over 35 comments on their website blasting CBS 11 for yellow journalism, inciting people through sensationalism, and straight up lies through their un-informed, un-reaserched story. Now, ALL the comments are gone. If you click the comments button, nothing happens. Not only do they want you do eat their story for breakfast without question, but now, they dont want you to be able to comment on it either if you disagree. Go see for yourself. Perhaps its a new policy over at CBS 11 for all their stories that they dont want comments. NOPE! Just this story. I guess CBS 11 does not like being wrong, but when they obviously are, they dont want anyone to know about it! Way to go FWweekly for journalistic integrity. CBS’s fear mongering and perpetration of lies continues….”



    Such a shame. Why don’t they want the American people to know the truth? Is pharma cutting them a big check? I was happy for this story and the readers feedback.


      “big pharma” is always a scapegoat for any supposed wrongdoing having to do with the success or failure of a medicine.
      “Used for centuries in south east Asia” usually translates to “does nothing”. These are the same people that think ground tiger bones and extract from a bear’s bile duct will make you get mad boners.


        Jay…you’re an uninformed dolt.


        Yeah, Jay, because “big pharma” never did anything that was not 100% in the interest of the health of the people, right? They’re just SUCH a caring bunch of executives!

        In case you forgot, we can look at history and see non-caring behavior in the pharma companies’ business models. Don’t forget this one so easily:

        GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) had to cough up $3 billion (which is really not much to these executives) because they were concerned about maximizing profits instead of being loving humans, the ones you root for, Jay. Right here, GSK shows their business model, and I don’t quite get the impression that they’re making products to benefit people. They even attempt to waive liability by admitting they find small groups of scientist who will be held responsible for their work (rather than executives being jailed?):

        “We have broken up the traditional hierarchical R&D business model and created smaller, more agile groups of scientists who are accountable for their projects. All of this has been underpinned with a focus on improving the rates of return in R&D and being more rigorous in how we allocate investment across Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare R&D.” <— this company is setup to scapegoat scientists rather than be held accountable for their own actions!

        Pharmaceutical companies are in business to make money quick. Science and "medicine" (the nasty modern term they use) changes so quickly, and we'll hear constantly that a lot of people get hurt (millions each year) because of some fraud or contamination resulting from these business models. However, they somehow seem to remain in business. Anyone accepting some pharma pocket change of only a few million dollars might let things slide, like at the FDA, which is where we learned again that whistle-blowers strategically surface when they also want money they couldn't normallly get. Look at the terrorists who work within that agency – they purposely are told to avoid pages in a new drug report to force approval (or they lose their job). It's ridiculous!

        Are whistle-blowers of all pharmaceutical companies suddenly going to appear after every dirty, profitable pharmaceutical drug run because they want some of the settlement money collected by the federal government? These same "heros" were operating in the past with this knowledge of assisting fraud, but they didn't come forth then. There's a lot of money to be made ratting on your old company, and I'm sure it'll become so common that there will be a law to make whistle-blowing illegal. It sounds like the new "Secrecy Law" just passed in Japan, which is now a fascist country (maybe dictator would be easier on the eyes). At some point, the kind of people desired to run a big corporation (job criteria) is either "psychopath" or "dumb and clueless as hell". Think of all the people who work for pharmaceutical companies really putting their hours in, believing they're bending over backwards to save the human race! Are they just greedy, self-centered people to even apply at such a job, or are they all just under 25 and don't understand the world, who knows (see what I did there? learned from the media writers…). These people might believe they're doing good for the masses because of what they've been programmed via "Science" and "News". Hey, there's the News word – that got us here in the first place!

        Most all of the research done on pharmaceutical drugs is, by design, funded by pharmaceutical giants. The reasoning is because they're the ones that have to fund a study to "prove" safety and effectiveness of the creation. To futher their advantage, such studies are enacted into history as gospel, or fact. We already know these drug studies are wrapped up in a way that only presents the advantageous attributes of the drugs while omitting the negatives (see the information about FDA whistleblower in Google for more info).

        When pharma companies as well as their overseeing regulatory friends (FDA) can't be trusted based on realities which have happened in history, they absolutely deserve to be scapegoats. Either you already know this information about our big pharma world, Jay, and look the other way because it is too easy to generalize and not care about truth (you watch a lot of football and go to the mall a lot?). Or… you're a paid troll by an industry that wants to stir things up here. Whatever it is, I appreciate your misinformation post as an opportunity to provide evidence against your effort.

        If this herb was as weak as the grass on my front lawn (or as you say "does nothing"), do you think people would care to comment here or any of the other stories floating around?

    Ed Hoy

    To CBS:
    I have noticed that many CBS affiliates across the country have started running ” investigative” reports on Kratom ( Mitragyna Speciosa). I assume that this is not a coincidence. I believe that the fact the you obtain a large income from the Pharmaceutical Industries advertising on your networks is tainting your ability to objectively research this issue. Kratom is not a “designer” drug, unless you consider our Maker as a designer. Kratom is a non-toxic PLANT that has been used throughout history to treat pain, diarrhea and opioid dependence. Generally your reports have claimed that very little is known about this plant and it’s benefits. Although I do not recommend Wikipedia as a source of primary information we might agree that it is nonetheless a good place to start, if looking for primary sources elsewhere. The fact that you have chosen to ignore the wide body of evidence which suggests that Kratom is a beneficial plant, indicates to me that you are not interested in the truth regarding this matter. Rather, it is obvious to me that you are more interested in spreading fear and mis-information, which will serve to benefit your advertisers and their relentless pushing of pharmaceutical, patented poisons. This is the essence of Yellow Journalism, and you should be ashamed of your organizations perpetuation of, and complicity in, the societal damage that is wrought through the abuse of various substances like alcohol, and pharmaceutical drugs.

    Ironically, the very people you claim to be educating or protecting are the ones who will be most hurt by your mis-reporting. You portray Kratom as a designer drug of abuse, thereby alerting children to the idea that there is a, currently legal, way to “get high”. I can tell you from first hand experience that Kratom is not a good way to get high, and ALSO not a substance that children should seek, due to their naive natures. By highlighting the plant in the manner which you have, you do harm. I believe that you are well aware of this, and have sold your journalistic souls to your advertisers.

    Henceforth, I will actively boycott ALL CBS properties in every way that I can, and encourage others to do so as well. May your God forgive you for the harm that you do to our society. Your lack of integrity sickens me more than I can articulate.

    The fact that CBS Dallas/FortWorth have discarded and disabled the comments on this story is further proof to me that they are the lowest forms of humans imaginable. Their lies and agenda have been exposed, and now they wish to hide.
    I am disgusted by CBS.
    Thanks to Dallas for exposing CBS, for what they are. Worthless Yellow Journalists.
    Sincerely Ed Hoy


      Jon has a good point. I’m just here to say that Kratom is a useful painkiller and more effective than regular tea when you want to relax.

      I prefer it to alcohol when I want to kick back or celebrate. That’s just how it is for me, but I suppose each person might have their own opinion if they’ve tried it.

    Mark Twain

    My 3 comments were some of the ones they removed. I thought I was pretty “easy on them” given the amount of yellow journalistic eyes so glaring WR Hearst would even roll over in his grave. I truly think all the affiliates are going to Lara Logan now for “research workshops”. What else could it be? There was not an ounce of accuracy or honesty in the entire segment. MT

    Mark Twain

    lies, not eyes. Sorry. MT


    Ridiculous. That writer needs to be fired for writing such a uninformed article.


      I wouldn’t blame the writer, they were probably just working with some talking points their pharmaceutical advertiser wanted made. I hear the same dumb crap being said on news reports all over the country, so I think some pharma has enlisted a PR firm or lobbyist to coordinate this campaign.

      My guess is that it’s Glaxo-Smith-Kline, which holds some patents on kratom since 1966. There have been some recent ones, too, and not all by GSK.

      My guess is they want the herb made illegal and taken off the market before rolling out some derivative patented chemical forms of 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, et al.

      The herb, itself, is — like marijuana in this aspect — better, safer, and will be preferred by kratom’s fans. Marinol and Dronabinol didn’t go over with the public and I believe they will find the same thing with mitragynine.

      Thanks, Fort Worth Weekly, for making this discussion space available to those of us who want to see this amazing plant used by the people, not owned by the Pharma Giants.


    It’s funny, the journalist who is writing such articles is probably doing so to try and hold onto their job, meanwhile they only serve to discredit their news agency more, driving advertisers away and debasing the profession at large.

    The only thing that can save journalists is their ability to tell the truth, it’s the one edge they can have over the Internet. They can’t do that and they are history, wait and see as these news agencies become even more irrelevant.


      One reason I’ve come to dislike the Big 6 media is because it all seems paid for. I can get real news from places like forums and drudgereport. Real people have never failed me, but robot journalists have only raised my blood pressure.


    health benefits/hazards aside:

    It is a stupid business decision to ensure that your product is being stocked on the same shelves as other synthetic narcotic alternatives, the designers of which have to alter the chemical formula every 6 months to stay ahead of the law.

    If you want to be treated as legitimate, don’t make headshops your primary source of distribution. Distance yourselves from peddlers of bath salts, k2, etc, etc.

    You should have know this was going to happen based on the lack of integrity most of these places exhibit.

    Whether it’s right or wrong, you know damn well you will be judged by the company you keep. Your reputation is everything.

    Carry on…


      Well said Johnny. A nice retaliation would be to shutdown the companies persistently engaging in risky marketing. If you as a merchant or source sell to anyone this tree leaf as legal high, you get no business from me. Same goes for those posting pics of piles of money on your Facebook page. That’s reckless and makes you one step closer to being a drug dealer. Keep the Joe Camel appeal out of our forest.


    So this is not difficult to bring to the attention of CBS www site readers. Just go to other non-related articles to post your gripes about their censorship etc. With lots of randomly placed, and accurate posts referring to the Kratom deal many will immediately jump to that article to see what’s the beef about. It’s a common strategy to get information to otherwise clueless readers of only the sports section [for example].
    And when I send a gripe that I’m sure won’t be printed in the FW Star Television I’ll send it to a half dozen staff email inboxes to be sure I’m heard. Can’t hurt…..


      I’ve actually seen this technique being employed in other similar discussions/comments on non-related stories. The stories are completely unrelated, but when the upset public sees that outsiders do agree how that particular media often lies for sensationalism (or agendas), it creates a stronger bond with the people. Something like, “I hear your pain everyone. CBS Local lied about the food truck business or skewed the reporting in this other story here…”

      At some point, CBS Local will want to disable their comments altogether because they will serve no other purpose than to collect information on those who voluntarily comment. I think that’s what a great deal of these comment sections for news stories are for. Some can be used for investigation no doubt, but we can easily see who the “pharmaceutical terrorists” are, and they see it too. If I were them, I’d not allow comments to any stories because it would cause me to lose credibility. It should be illegal for the media to report the way they do. The industries they cause unneccessary legislation to be drawn and severe defamation (like the “Swine Flu” event… that hurt the pig farmers!) must directly benefit them. We the people must bring to the surface exactly who is approving these stories. Stop supporting companies that own these outlets too. I skipped buying a GE dishwasher because of the media blackout they are supporting during Fukashima, which still is a disaster far from over (GE owns a good portion of the media and programming of our daily life). CBS used to be in the nuclear business up through 1999, but they may still have interests there. With all the different companies within companies, mergers, aquisitions, it raises concern where our money is going these days. The bank you just came home from might have helped finanice the Nazi’s. Most people have no clue how these media stories are funded by us! It’s time people start looking at the things we do in our daily life, and researching if what we do funds the movement against us. We’ve given them way too much power.

      Most people support CBS through funding of its subsidiaries/companies/affiliates, so to make a statement, everyone needs to act in a way that votes where it truly counts – the money. You don’t need cable TV… this is enough entertainment anyway. You don’t need all the other things in that list of assets above. That CBS logo needs to stop starin’ at me!


    Thanks for reposting what I remember you explaining before. I typed a similar response and was put into a status “Awaiting Moderation”. And… never were the comments posted. I didn’t curse or use hotlinks. They read my piece and figured itwould be too powerful against them


    I have tried to contact several of the news stations that aired this garbage with no success.
    I’m not going to give up until I get an answer. I find it appalling they actually removed comments regarding their articles. I couldn’t find any comments listed on the CBS in Chicago site either.


      Oh! One thing I noticed is that on the Android (in case you have one), no CBS Local website will show the comments sections on any story. I’m pretty sure they did that by design, and there’s also no way to find the story on a “Full Site” or “Regular Site” mode. Once you try visiting a link that you know is not mobile, the Android’s built-in browser (and Dolphin HD) will still be detected, and CBS Local pages will be displayed in mobile mode. There’s no way that I’ve found to view the news stories on their CBS sites WITHOUT being confined to the mobile layout! In other words, at least as far as I can see, they purposefully have removed the ability to read or post a comment to any story when you’re on your smartphone. Think about what that does when people who don’t know anything about our government and media assume when they don’t see comments – they might be more likely to believe it.

      I have realized the real gem that FW Weekly is. I see why this is real history in the making, and why that it is very important news. Evaluate what happened again. The fact that TRUTH was deleted from CBS 11′s news site is a blatant action of “writing history” they way THEY want you to believe it. If the people had no voice, especially via comments to something so wrong (which everyone knows and agreed), then the story becomes PURELY propaganda. We then become closer to having our own Secrecy Law passed here in the States with the inability to have a voice and speak truth, or even speak up when we see something is not right.

      FW Weekly, what spurred y’all to do a story about this? I’d love to know how your media operation works, and why it’s so different than CBS and MSNBC.


    Every effort made by places to ban kratom has failed or been amended – for example, Vermont wanted to ban kratom, but after more research and the brave testimony of several kratom users, decided to change the legislation to ban only pure mitragynine and 7-OH-Mitragynine and specifically excluded the whole leaf. Massachusetts wrote up legislation that would have banned kratom, salvia and a host of other herbals but ended up dropping kratom from the bill after further research. Louisiana also tried to ban kratom but ended up making it 18+ only. The only place in N. America where raw kratom leaf might be banned is Indiana which passed a ban on 7-OH-Mitragynine (but not the raw leaf), however, because Indiana did not specifically exclude the plain leaf in its legislation, most responsible kratom vendors will not ship to that state.

    About half a year ago, the Government of Canada sent the Government of Indonesia a “Memorandum of Understanding” stating that kratom is indeed legal to import and possess – therefore, we’re one of the few countries where kratom suppliers can obtain a phytosanitary export certificate for.

    As long as vendors and customers are responsible about the sale, possession and use of this legal, and very helpful plant, there shouldn’t be a problem – don’t give the greedy, sensationalist loving media something to sensationalize. Unfortunately, there are SO SO SO many kratom vendors in both the US and Canada that are directly or indirectly advertising kratom like a “legal drug” to make some quick bucks at the long term expense of responsible suppliers, vendors and users. Hopefully the honest, sane and law abiding kratom community will make a bigger impression with lawmakers then the glorified drug dealers and teenagers looking for a quick high…


    You jokers need to leave kratom out of your “kill list”. The tree is one of the most safe substances in the world, do your homework…. Why can’t the news tell us the truth not make up lies discrediting them even more!


    Thank God this man, this great man had the patience and character to address this infantile behavior being perpetrated by the media!
    lying, manipulation thru scare tactics, it’s no wonder why in today world we have to second guess the bullshit the people who are supposed to inform us throw at us! (and most of It is bullshit!)
    I’m so sick of these frauds!


    Look at these losers trying to convince viewers that powdered leaf is smoked in rolling papers:

    Think they’ll roll up coffee beans next? The Special Agent blue flag backdrop looks fake and Photoshop’d. The presentation is amateur. Kids don’t buy kratom!! Did the writers grow up in a mall?


      Jon, I’ve read about a dozen of your comments. Most of them are so aggressive that it’s hard for me to make out exactly what your point is.

      I mean no offense and it seems like you have good intentions. I’m just trying to figure out wtf you’re trying to say.


    People really need to pump the breaks. It is true these new reporters keep giving kratom a bad rep. It is not just these, but irresponsible users and most importantly…the companies trying to make a quick buck. They are irresponsibly either a) marketing kratom along with research chemicals or b) selling these products to minors. These are the people we should really blame for the bad press. Kratom vendors need to be more responsible to keep this alive


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