Blue Zone blues

Posted August 27, 2014 by STATIC in News

Blue Zones Project spokesperson Julie Wilson addressed the Fort Worth City Council last week, and Static kept waiting for Foghorn Leghorn to pop up somewhere and mutter, “I say, I say, son, that lady’s got more nerve than a bum tooth!”

Wilson was promoting policy changes that would encourage health initiatives, including new restrictions on tobacco, such as creating smoke-free zones and even limiting electronic cigarettes. Yep, she has a great fear of carcinogens and a great desire for clean, healthy air. At least she does now that she’s working for Blue Zones Project, developed by a Nashville-based healthcare management company to encourage healthy lifestyles through public policies and practices.

However, for seven years (2006 to 2013) she was the main mouthpiece, apologist, defender, and champion of natural gas drilling as Chesapeake Energy’s vice president of urban development. In other words, she was vice president of convincing everyone to agree to allow carcinogen-spewing gas wells to be plopped in the middle of neighborhoods, with the least regulation or precautionary measures possible. She took her propaganda tour to 50 cities and countless town hall meetings during that time, staunchly defending the industry as it drilled thousands of wells — and making plenty of enemies with her arrogance, in the process.

When complaints began arising about air quality, headaches, unexplained nosebleeds, foul-tasting water, nausea, dead livestock, and so on, the industry could always depend on Wilson to run into the community and shoot down any notions that gas drilling was at fault.

So, based on Wilson’s actions, she sees more danger in smoking an e-cigarette outside a Starbucks than drilling a gas well next to an elementary school.

On the other hand, she’s really good at what she does. She easily hoodwinked a naïve North Texas population about drilling. Maybe she can trick them into quitting smoking and starting an exercise program.


Heeere’s Palazzolo

The Fort Worth school district’s determination not to admit error in the firing of Joe Palazzolo is kind of like a horror movie villain: It just won’t die. In May, a Wise County jury awarded the former Arlington Heights assistant principal-turned-whistleblower more than $2 million in damages for wrongful termination. In a press release last week, the school district announced its intention to appeal that verdict. District officials predicted that it could be a year before the appellate court rules.

What does that guarantee? Another year during which Palazzolo will continue to tell his side of the story, keeping the Arlington Heights debacle in the public eye. Clearly, Palazzolo, who recently hired Austin attorney Susan Hays to handle the appeal, isn’t going away.



    Palazzolo case will shed lite on ALL FWISD skeletons! Finally the city of Fort Worth will be shaken and no amount of money can stop this train.


    I just love how Brandt and his new BFF, Needham work so well together at continuing to screw the public out of our taxpayer money, by appealing Palazzolo’s case. I further find it charming how they have the audacity to say it will take another year, before the appeal process is finalized. Wow, cocky much? To Brandt: your head is so far up Needham’s ass that you will need to be surgically removed! You have a score to settle, because you were beat by a young Latina woman, who obviously ran circles around you. Well, put your boxing gloves and your crotch guard on, because when Palazzolo’s new appeal attorney gets done with you, you will need a magnifying glass to find your inverted cajones! I can’t wait to read the transcripts of the trial and hope it gets into the right hands that will put an end to Needham’s vendetta and Brandt’s childish behavior. This district is despicable to allow this continued witch hunt against Palazzolo. You all will reap what you have sowed for over 4 yrs. Palazzolo hasn’t gone anywhere yet and he won’t! What makes you so sure he will run scared from your decision to appeal? Press on Palazzolo…you got this!

    linda labeau

    BLUE ZONE/Static … you’ve nailed it once again….Julie Wilson is a soul-less cow. Keep sharpening that pen for the FWISD board elections. More and more taxpayers are paying attention to the theft of public money by the FWISD board and administration. The FWISD debacle will be the show to watch at election time.

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