Concerts in the garden

Concert Review: Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s Concerts in the Garden, “Star Wars & Beyond”

Edward Brown
Fort Worthians take pride in supporting a wide range of cultural events, but few programs have achieved the popularity of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra summer series, Concerts in the Garden. Now celebrating its 25th anniver...

Carli Lloyd wheels away after scoring the winning goal for USA against China.

Women’s World Cup Update (The Broken China Edition)

Kristian Lin
On the same day that the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal everywhere in America (and thus made members of Team USA happy, though not Texas’ idiot governor and attorney general), USA promptly went out and defeated China i...


Miss Tipsy: The Perfect Date

Colleen Fischer
I just had the greatest date I’ve had in five years of living in Fort Worth. Maybe it was because I was leaving town the next day and missing my husband in advance. Or it could have been the perfect seared tuna salad bowl ($1...

(public domain photo)

Morning News Roundup, Jun 29

Jeff Prince
We’re So Two-Dimensional This three-dimensional world we live in might really be flat but we’re living in a hologram that makes it look 3-D to us. It’s simple physics. You didn’t know that? What Is Fort Worth’s Id...

Cliburn Junior logo

Cliburn Junior Competition Report

Edward Brown and Kristian Lin
There are many different ways to judge the success or failure of the first-ever Cliburn Junior Piano Competition, but the yardstick I’m using is that the three performances in the final round of the competition would not have...


Soundcheck 817: Chris Watson at the Keys Lounge

Eric Griffey
For our third Soundcheck, Key’s Lounge was nice enough to let us in early yesterday and chat with Chris Watson. Watson revealed that he used to sneak into Keys when he was a teenager and play in the club’s weekly bl...


Xs & Os: Love and Other Drugs

Our romance columnist discusses the science of heartbreak
Sarah Angle
Not so very long ago, I would have done almost any drug shoved in front of my face. I’ve never been into drugs before that phase, and I don’t do them now — it was just never my thing. Plus, I had the overwhelming fear my ...

equality logo

Equal at Last

Discriminatory, anti-gay marriage bans violate the Constitution. That’s the ruling of a 5-4 vote by the Supreme Court today that divided liberal and conservative judges. Justice Anthony Kennedy gave what may be the most poign...


Music Awards Festival Parking

Eric Griffey
The nice folks at Fellowship Church (508 Carroll St., behind Velvet Taco) have agreed to let Music Awards Festival-goers use their parking lot for free on Sunday, and they’ll shuttle people back and forth from 7th street star...


The Top Shelf: Rules of the Wild Bar Kingdom

Brad Hensarling
In the wild kingdom of bars many different species of drinking establishments cohabitate to create a beautiful world of drunkenness that we can all enjoy and appreciate. If you look closely, in the distance you can see a street...