The Top Shelf: Danielle Payne and Catfish Flores, Republic Street Bar

Brad Hensarling
I’ve recently been thinking about how the dynamic of a staff, as in how well a staff gets along and enjoys their jobs, can turn a bar experience from an average one into a great one. I have to give props to my employees at Th...

Latifa Ring (courtesy FAcebook)

Guardianship Activist Latifa Ring Dead

Jeff Prince
Latifa Ring, a Houston woman who advocated for elderly citizens swept up in guardianship cases, has died after a lengthy illness. She was 59. “She had more love in one little finger than some people have in their whole bodies...

Son of Stan

Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) If you’re cheap or broke, this is a great weekend for you, because 3/5 of this list are free shows, starting with Friday night’s bill at the Boiled Owl Tavern. Headlined by Lawrence, KS fuzz pop act Psychic Heat (featuri...


On Tap in Fort Worth: Rahr’s Visionary Brew

Edward Brown
So how do you smoke a beer? That’s the first question that popped in my mind when I sipped Rahr’s new smoked lager. Each year, Fort Worth Weekly collaborates with the fine folks at Rahr to put out a series called Vision...

Because brandishing a loaded AR-15 in public always leads to calm, reasoned debate.

Morning News Roundup, Jul 23

Kristian Lin
Armed Confederate Idiot Alert! One Stephen Slade Passariello of Denton made national headlines yesterday when he carried a loaded AR-15 to a protest at the city’s Confederate monument. Passariello was counterprotesting a prot...


Music Awards Red Carpet Photos

Photos by Lee Chastain.
Fort Worth Weekly

movie poster

Ground Zero 360 Showing For Free In Dallas

Jeff Prince
Calling it a stroke of luck would be crass, but it was, well, momentous that a film crew was in New York making a documentary about a firefighter on 9-11. They were filming on the streets when they heard a low-flying plane, loo...

Jason Robert Brown

A Preview of Festival of American Song at TCU

Edward Brown
This weekend marks the second Festival of American Song presented by TCU. If there’s one thing Fort Worth isn’t running a deficit on its festivals, but let’s not get caught up with the “f-word.” The real question is: ...


Morning News Roundup, Jul 22

Eric Griffey
Hoop Dreams Tulsa Shock majority owner Bill Cameron announced plans Monday to move the franchise to the Dallas-Fort Worth market as soon as next season. Cameron said in an emailed statement to The Associated Press that he hoped...

Rush Bike 1

Sports: A Tour of Le Tour

Rush Olson
Quick, how many bicycle races can you name? My guess is that the average American could come up with somewhere between one and zero. If you did name one, you may have spent a few mornings watching it unfold on NBC Sports over t...