The Kholodenko family in happier times.

UPDATED: Death at Kholodenko House

Kristian Lin
This truly terrible story is still developing out of Benbrook: Van Cliburn Competition gold medalist Vadym Kholodenko arrived at his home yesterday morning and found his daughters killed in their beds, while his estranged wife ...

Martin House

On Tap in Fort Worth: Martin House Brewing Turns Three

Edward Brown
It feels a lot longer than three years. Martin House Brewing has become a staple in grocery and specialty store and thousands of fridges in the region in that short time. What would life be like without The Imperial Texan, Salt...


Maren Morris Gets Local Media Love At SXSW

Jeff Prince
Arlington singer-songwriter turned Nashville budding star Maren Morris made the most of her SXSW gig yesterday at the Spotify House in Austin. At least the North Texas’ two major dailies think so. The Dallas Morning News ...


Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) I like to think of SXSW as Don’t Get to Go Week – not for me but for a bunch of other people who are either too broke, too adult, or simply too over it to drive down to Austin and get absorbed in the swirling chaos of br...

J - Biz

35 Denton in Photos and Videos

Fort Worth Weekly
For this week’s music feature, the Weekly sent Jeremy Hallock to  cover the the 35 Denton music festival. You can read his story here. He also came back with some videos and photos of his experience, which you can enjoy ...

courtesy : Carla Rosenberg

Sports Rush: Sponsoring Sharapova?

Rush Olson
For years, Maria Sharapova’s sponsors had a pretty easy decision to make about whether she made a good spokeswoman for their products. The tennis star won Grand Slams, looked great in any garment, and spoke fluent English and...

Mary Elizabeth Winstead finds herself in a concrete prison in "10 Cloverfield Lane."

Bonus Film Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

Kristian Lin
The headline on the Guardian‘s review of 10 Cloverfield Lane reads “more Hitchcock than Xbox.” I like the British newspaper, but this isn’t one of their better headlines. It engages in a glib comparison ...


Soundcheck 817: Hightower at Shipping & Receiving

Eric Griffey
Last week, we reviewed Hightower’s new album, Echo Spring, and today we went and gave ‘em the ol’ Soundcheck treatment. We were sipping on that Deep Eddy Vodka, so please excuse any slurring or brief nudity. H...


Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) You’ll have to forgive me, but I smell way too much U2 in Florida’s AMFMS. I hate U2, so the barest whiff of the world’s most insufferably self-important rock band is enough to put me off – it’s like losing your mi...


On Tap in Fort Worth: Expanding your Beer Vocabulary

Edward Brown
James Lallande holds the rare title of Grand Master in the beer judge certification program administered by the nonprofit BJCP. This week, he’s preparing to judge for the 30th annual Bluebonnet Brew-off. The homebrew competit...