Concert Review: Purple at Lola’s Saloon

Jasun Lee
“Party Rock” is a term that usually makes me cringe. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that throws me off about the phrase. Perhaps it is the fact that my mind immediately thinks of a five-piece band of dads playing top...


Lone Star Film Festival On Track

Jeff Prince
Despite a surprising and last-minute administrative turnover, the Lone Star Film Festival appears to be on pace for its November event. No announcement has been made about which movies will be shown, but that’s coming in ...


Another One Bites the Dust…

Peter Gorman
Well, the Republican primary herd is being culled. First, former Governor Rick Perry bailed, and then yesterday word came that Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker was taking his walking papers and headed out stage left. (&#...

Shampoo (feature)

Texas Troubadour Abroad: Castelfranco Veneto

Keegan McInroe
My name is Keegan McInroe, and I am a singer-songwriter from Lubbock who’s been living in Fort Worth off and on since 2001 when I began my four years of study at Texas Christian University. Over the course of my ten plus ...


Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Iggles, Injuries

Jeff Prince
The broken bone in Dez Bryant’s foot could keep him sidelined for up to three months. Who knows when the Cowboys No. 1 wide receiver will be back to normal? Maybe not until next year.  How does this affect the Dallas Cowboys...

The Pirate

Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1)  Does We Were Wolves know there was a band from here that occasionally still gets together and plays shows that’s called We’rewolves? We Were Wolves are from Houston, so maybe they just never heard. Regardless, they’r...


Justice Not For Sale Act

Peter Gorman
On Thursday, Sept. 17, presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), along with three house democrats, introduced the Justice Not For Sale Act, which would ban the federal government and state and local jurisdictions from...


Xs & Os: Love at First Sight

Maggie Allyson
This week our guest columnist is Maggie Allyson, a grande dame of the romantic arena. Love at First Sight: Can it Last? Wise men and therapists often warn us away from that intense and sudden thrill we call love at first sight....


Soundcheck 817: Sally Majestic at The Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge

Eric Griffey
The Sally Majestic lads sat down with the Weekly to talk about their gig tomorrow at the Live Oak. They’ll be headlining a benefit concert for KFTW 97.5, The Pirate — the subject of this week’s cover story. Al...


Leon Bridges: Is Color Blind The New Racism?

Jeff Prince
“A Rational Conversation” is a music news column by Eric Ducker that you’d think would be good, seeing as how it’s connected to NPR and it’s supposed to be so rational and all. But this latest colu...