Morning News Roundup, July 21

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth’s War Of The Roses Roses represent love, but not when they’re all diseased and deformed looking. Rose rosetta disease is infecting thousands of rose bushes in North Texas, including at the Fort Worth Bota...


Concert Review: Telegraph Canyon at Dreamy Life Records & Music

Jasun Lee
Fresh off of 110,000-plus Spotify plays of their new single “Why Let Go” in a little more than a week, Telegraph Canyon headlined Sofar Sounds DFW’s first proper Fort Worth show Sunday afternoon at Dreamy Life Records &am...


Miss Tipsy: Sober at the Bar

Colleen Fischer
Have you ever experimented with going out one night and not drinking at all? As in, being the only sober one with a group of friends for an entire night? I’m talking about a place that only serves drinks –– no live music,...

Customer Service

Hope That Helps!

A local group's fake customer service Facebook page is making waves.
Steve Watkins
On July 2, officials from the iconic Texas fast food chain Whataburger announced that they would not allow firearms to be carried openly in their restaurants. Predictably, open carry activists took to Facebook and voiced their ...

MARILYN MONROE (courtesy wikipedia)

Morning News Roundup, Jul 20

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth Doc With Marilyn Monroe Connection Thrills Dallas Crowd Fort Worth cardiologist Bobby Brown has done a lot of things in his 90 years, including marrying a homecoming queen and playing for the New York Yankees. But ho...


Soundcheck 817: Tim Locke of Calhoun at the Kimbell Art Museum’s Piano Pavilion Auditorium

Eric Griffey
Tomorrow is Kimbell Fest: Scotland at the Kimbell Art Museum of Fort Worth. It’s a free event featuring art, activities, bagpipes, admission to the “Botticelli to Braque” exhibition, face painters, and some pr...

Lady Agnew

If It’s Not Scottish, It’s Crap (A Preview of Kimbell Fest: Scotland)

Laurie Barker James
If your sum total of knowledge about Scotland consists only of Mike Meyers impersonating Sean Connery in that SNL skit where he pronounces anything that’s not Scottish as “crap,” and, ummm, Scotch, then you might be surpr...


Xs and Os: What is Love (Part 1)

Sarah Angle
What is love? Three couples. One question. And the answers you’ve always wanted to know. Let’s go! For the next three weeks, we’re going on a journey to understand what love is. We’re talking to three couples of differe...


The Top Shelf: Cocktail Myths Debunked

Brad Hensarling
Alright everyone, it’s time to put a misconception to rest: There is no muddling involved in the making of an Old Fashioned. Now that we live in an era where getting a good cocktail is becoming a pretty easy thing to do, the ...


Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) For all the snide remarks I sling at cover bands, one of my old band’s favorite bits to do live was adding a coda to our cover of the Vandals’ “My Girlfriend’s Dead” by belting out our own cover of the outro chorus...